Takes you through all the words and phrases that make special text messages on iPhone

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iPhoneThe Messaging app is not only suitable for sending plain text, but also photos, videos and various special effects.These special effects can add some sparkle to your messages, like having them shoot lasers, slam into the screen, and more.There are two ways to activate youiPhoneMost of the special effects: by sending a message containing a specific word, or by holding your finger on the send button.

However, these special effects will only be activated when you send an iMessage, which means that the other party must have an Apple device. Android users won't see these effects, and they won't work if you don't have internet access.

Next, let's take a look at how to automatically and manually activate each special text message effect on your iPhone.

Which words cause special iPhone text effects on iMessage?

'Happy New Year'

When you send Happy New Year, it comes with colorful fireworks.

Nice fireworks.

'Happy Chinese New Year'

Chinese New Year also has its own effects.When you send this effect, it comes with its own firecracker-like vibration pattern.

You can experience miniature Chinese New Year celebrations with this effect.

'Happy Birthday'

Texting "Happy Birthday" will summon tons of colorful balloons.However, using an abbreviation like "HBD" will not trigger this effect.

If birthday calls can't be made, why not send some balloons and text messages?

'Congrats' or 'Congratulations'

When you congratulate someone, confetti rains down from the top of the screen.You can also try sending congratulations in different languages, such as "Felicitaciones" in Spanish or "Selamat" in Indonesian, and they all work.

You can experience the fun of confetti without the hassle of cleaning up.

'Pew Pew'

Typing "pew pew" will fire a laser beam out of the text.

If you accidentally see a laser beam the next time you text "pew pew", don't worry, your phone hasn't been hacked.

How to make iPhone text message effect on any message

If you don't want to cram one of those special words or phrases into your message, but still want a cool effect, don't worry: there's a feature that does just that.

After typing your message, press and hold your finger on the send button.After a few moments, it will open the Send with Effects menu, which lets you choose the special effect you want your text to have.In this menu you'll find all the automatic effects we've discussed and more.

There are two types of special effects: bubbles and screens.The bubble effect will only change the appearance of a single text message bubble, but the screen effect will fill the entire screen when you send the bubble.

Bubble effect:

Slam: This will make your texts fall on the screen like boulders, even setting off a cloud of dust when they hit the ground.

Loud: Make the text bubble bigger and shake like you're screaming.

The "Loud" effect adds some intensity to your text.

Gentle: Your text messages will start out with a much smaller font than usual, then return to normal.

Invisible Ink: Your text message will look weird and confusing at first, and you have to tap it to reveal the real message.

Screen effect:

Echo: When your text arrives, dozens of copies zoom on the screen for a few seconds.

Your message will "echo" on the screen.

Spotlight: The entire messaging app will be dimmed, and only one light will illuminate your messages.

Balloons: Send a bunch of colorful balloons floating on the screen.

Confetti: Makes confetti fall from the top of the screen.

Love: A giant 3D heart will fly out of your text message and out of the screen.

Love will expand like a balloon.

Lasers: A bunch of color-changing lasers will shoot out of your texting bubbles and move up and down the screen.

Fireworks: The background of the app will be pitch black and bright fireworks will explode everywhere.

Celebration: Lights burst out from the corners of the screen.

Learn this and your information will be very interesting.



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