Xiaohe Sound Shape – Input solution for four-key typing without word selection

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As a niche input method, in terms of software, there are official input software on both win and Android. It is not as beautiful as a big factory, but it is simple, and there is no advertisement or pop-up window, which is very refreshing. On ios and imac, they are supported by irime and rime respectively. Of course, they are both free. If you are still used to big manufacturers (whether it is a mobile phone or a PC), Shuangpin is directly built-in (it is one of the few built-in duals in ios. spelling scheme), the sound shape can be realized through the hooking scheme.

why you should usesmall crane sound shape

small crane sound shapeIt is a word input method that allows you to choose no words. It supports Windows and Android.The word input method is the input method that I will type what I want to type in my heart

The biggest advantage of Xiaohe sound and shape is that you don't need to choose words, and most of the commonly used words are displayed on the screen with four keys.Yes, you can type any word you want by typing four keys, you don't need to spend a long time to turn over N pages to select words.This is how the small crane sound shape improves your typing efficiency.

Uncommon words

As an added bonus, the small crane sound shape allows you to always be able to type.Sometimes, we know how to pronounce some rare words, but we know how to write them.At this time, you can only use the crane shape to type, and you can still type the word.

For example, for the word "Ben", we may not remember the pronunciation of uncommon words for a while.At this time, you can use the crane shape "nn" in the shape of a small crane sound to type out the word. Type it without sound.

That's the benefit of the Crane Sound Shape for you - so you can always type.Whether it is full or double spelling, if you forget the pinyin, you will not be able to type it out.And the small crane sounds and shapes give you more possibilities, so that you can always type out the words.

four button

The small crane sound shape has fewer keys than Shuangpin, and even less than Quanpin.The small crane sound shape of a single character can basically be knocked out with one, two or three keys.For words with two or more characters, the sound and shape of Xiaohe only needs four keys at most, while Shuangpin requires five keys, seven keys and nine keys (respectively referring to two, three, and four characters).

Many people think that it is good to spell it all or both, and there is no need to change it.In fact, the pinyin scheme has too many homophones, and then generates input methods such as words, phrases and complete sentences to avoid the inconvenience of too many homophones, and even produces the so-called intelligent input method based on automatic program matching.This smart input method makes you need a vocabulary and is prone to typos.

The shape code scheme of Xiaohe sound shape is a non-intelligent type based on typing words.input scheme.It is mainly based on single characters, referring to where to hit, and hit whatever you want.You don't need to rely on the input method, you only rely on yourself.It takes you a week to master it, and it will last a lifetime.

What is the sound shape of the crane?

The single character code of the small crane sound shape is the first two yards of double spelling and the second two yards of double shape (crane shape). The double spelling is the more famous little crane double spelling.

Xiaohe sound shape can be high or lowinput scheme, and the universal key allows you to downgrade to double play, or to use only double play.For a word, use the sound and shape, and display it in four yards; if you don’t understand the shape, you can use the universal key to downgrade it to Xiaohe Shuangpin; if you forget the pronunciation, you can only use the crane shape to type.

for example.

Shaped characters, full spelling xing, double spelling xk, double-shaped kp, sound-shaped xkkp.If you have mastered the sound and shape of the little crane, you can use the sound and shape to type, four yards on the screen, no need to choose words.If you forget the pronunciation, but remember the font, you can type with " kp. If you forget the font, you type with double spelling xk`.

Xiaohe Shuangpin can type the consonants and vowels of Pinyin with two keys, and type all Chinese characters with two keys, which simplifies the trouble of typing full spells.But Shuangpin just simplifies the number of full-strike keys, and word selection is still required.

After typing 500 words, you can master the sound and shape of the crane!

The small crane sound shape is regular regardless of the double spelling or the crane shape, and is an input scheme derived from the pinyin and font structure.

Is the so-called change is inseparable from its origin.After going through many crooked roads, I have concluded the following learning route.Shuangpin and Crane learn simultaneously, and the two carriages walk in unison.Learn Shuangpin and Crane at the same time.


Shuangpin has a poem to help you remember.When you understand poetry, you can understand the key position of Shuangpin.

Qiu Wei Ruan fabric T_ue_ve Yun U_shu I_chi Song_iong By Fen Gang Groin J_an
Fall: soft Month cloud comb wing pine embrace powder More Sail Safe
Kuai_ing Liang_uang Zou Xia_ua Floor Cao V_zhuui_v bin Niao Mian
fast warbler two eyes Playing summer frog chasing fish bird sleep


The crane-shaped key position adopts the principle of pictographic similarity.You only need to combine the following radical key map, understand the example words here, you can be basically familiar with the crane-shaped radical.

You will be able to type in the small crane syllable.


Finally, after completing the above two steps, you will basically be able to master the sound and shape of the crane.You don't need to read the obscure rules, it just makes you feel overwhelmed and intimidated.These will come to you slowly and naturally afterward.

After that, you change your input method to Xiaoheyin, and in addition to the necessary work and study, you are required to use Xiaoheyin to type in your daily life. As long as you type 500 words, you can type 500 words independently. , use the phonetic pattern to type, without looking up the characters.That is apprenticeship.

If you want to master Xiaohe sound shape thoroughly, you need to understand the rules of sound shape and the following table, so that you can fly with your fingertips more skillfully and efficiently.

word count rule example word full code
two-letter word The first two yards of the first word + the first two yards of the last word Shuangpin ulpb
three-letter word The first code of the first two characters + the first two codes of the last character Input urfa
four-letter word four-letter prefix small crane sound shape xhyx
above words The first three prefixes + the last prefix Old friends txyv


Xiaohe sound shape, double spelling, easy and comfortable, double shape, easy to learn and efficient.If you are tired of Quanpin, but don't want to spend a lot of effort and cost to learn Wubi, you can try it.




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