How to Convert PNG Image File to JPG on Mac Computer

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Generally, the most common graphics file type is JPEG, however, there are many images and graphics that usePNGformat, such as screenshots.ok, useMacThe Preview program included with your computer allows you to easilyPNGConvert to JPEG.Let's see how this is done:

How toMacConvert PNG to JPG on your computer

1. Open your PNG file with Preview.It should be the default image viewer on your Mac - but you can also right-click on the file, scroll down to Open, and select Preview.

2. With the image open, click "File" in the top toolbar, scroll down, and click "Export..." to bring up a popup where you can change the file type.

Click "Export" under "File".

3. Click on the "Format" dropdown (it should still be PNG) and you'll get a list of all the formats you can change the file to.Select JPEG and click Save.

Switch the file type to JPEG.

The caveat is that unless you change the name, you may have trouble distinguishing between JPEG and PNG files.In this case, you can right-click the file and click Info.This will give you the details of an image file, including whether it is a JPEG or PNG.

You can view your file type and other information here.

Here is a simple tutorial that I hope will help you.


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