How to stop your Mac from changing wallpapers after restarting

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You spend time choosing carefully for yourMacPick your favorite wallpaper.But often when you restartMac, it has been changed and replaced with the default macOS wallpaper.If you have encountered this annoying problem, here are some simple solutions.These methods work on all modern versions of macOS, including macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.

1. Do not delete or change the location of the wallpaper files

When you download wallpaper on your Mac, it's likely to be saved in the Downloads folder.There, you can right-click and choose Set Desktop Picture.

As long as the file isn't deleted or moved to a new location, it will remain your Mac's wallpaper.Therefore, if you set an image as wallpaper, you cannot delete its files.But if you want to keep your Downloads folder tidy, you can move your pictures to any other folder you don't use often.In the new folder, right-click it again and select Set as Desktop Picture.

2. Stop your Mac from automatically changing the wallpaper

macOS allows you to automatically change the wallpaper game to add variety to your screen, but if you want to prevent this, follow these steps:

1. Click  and select System Preferences.

2. Click Desktop & Screen Saver.

3. From the Desktop section, uncheck Change picture.Now, your Mac wallpaper doesn't change regularly.

3. Turn off live wallpapers

Did you notice the "Change picture" checkbox greyed out when following the above solutions?Also, you notice that your Mac's wallpaper remains the same, but the color changes.

Both of the above are because the live wallpaper you use on your Mac computer automatically changes throughout the day based on your location.For example, it will appear bright in the morning and gradually darken in the evening.You can see the five stages of change in the thumbnail of the live wallpaper.

To stop using live wallpapers, here's how:

1. Click  > System Preferences. .

2. Click Desktop & Screen Saver.

3. Next to the current wallpaper thumbnail, click Dynamic and select Light (still) or Dark (still).Now, your wallpaper won't change its color and appearance throughout the day.

4. Update your Mac

macOS is no stranger to bugs, and if you're running an older version of the operating system, you might run into such inconveniences.To update this, click  and go to System Preferences > Software Update.

5. Do you use different wallpapers for multiple virtual desktops?

Using multiple virtual desktops on a Mac also contributes to this problem, if you change the location of those spaces (for example, move desktop 3 to desktop 1), you might get confused after restarting the computer because the main desktop now has Different wallpapers (Desktop 3 you move to the first position).

6. Are you using an external monitor with your MacBook?

If you have one or more external monitors connected to your Mac, the wallpaper on the Home screen may change. A user on the Apple discussion forum shared a workaround for this issue:

1. Make sure the lid of the MacBook is open, and then disconnect the cable from the external monitor.

2. Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and set a new wallpaper. To choose one from the folder, click the small plus icon (+) > choose a wallpaper, then click Choose .

3. After setting the desired wallpaper, click >Close.

4. Now, power on your Mac.

5. After the Mac is powered on and logged in, connect the external monitor cable.

After this, the Mac won't change the wallpaper even if you connect an external monitor.

7. Delete the desktop picture database file

If the above methods still do not solve the problem, please follow the steps below to delete (and recreate) the relevant database files:

1. From the top menu bar of the Finder, click Go.

2. Press and hold the Option key to display and click Libraries.

3. Go to Application Support > Dock.

4. From here, delete the desktop pictures .db file.

5. Restart your Mac and macOS will automatically recreate this file.At this point, the wallpaper problems that plagued you should disappear.

After mastering the above methods, you can easily use your favorite picture as the desktop background, and it will not randomly switch to the default macOS wallpaper again.



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