How to find a lost Android phone without setting up a tracking app

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There are a lot of personal privacy and personal items on our mobile phones, and it would be catastrophic to lose them accidentally.In the past, it was possible to try and get it back with third-party apps that were pre-installed and set up in advance, but these days, you no longer need these third-party solutions.AndroidThere is already its own version of Find My Phone, which tracks your phone without any prior setup.

how to use Android find my device

You can download it from the website 和Android applicationVisit Find My Device.Note that the Android app does not need to be installed on the lost device.This app is for viewing your device, not for enabling tracking.We'll be using the website for this tutorial, but the same tools can be found in the app.

After logging in with your Google account, you will see your device.Select the device and you'll see when it was last detected, what network it's on, and the battery.

Of course, you can also see the location of the device on the map, and selecting the pin will open Google Maps to that location.

Next, you can select "Play Sound".This will make your device ring for up to 5 minutes - regardless of ring mode/volume - until the device is unlocked.

The next few tools are especially useful for lost devices.We'll start with "Security Devices".Select it and enter an optional message and phone number for anyone who finds your phone.Then click on "Security Devices".

The last tool is the most extreme.If you don't think you'll ever get your device back, or you're worried about someone looking at your personal belongings, you can delete everything remotely.If you do, and you get your phone back, it will need to be set up from scratch again.Select "Wipe Device" and then tap "Wipe Device" again to confirm your decision.

This method saves you from having to resort to third-party apps like Android Los, but you have to act fast, because all of the above depends on whether your lost phone is powered, if the battery is dead or turned off, you will not be able to track it or remotely perform any action.




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