How to share a time period link for a YouTube video

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When you enjoy something interesting or wonderfulYouTubeWhen you're on a video, you'll most likely want to share it, and it's not that hard.However, sometimes you may only want to share parts of a specific time, let's say a 10-minuteYouTubeVideo, you only want to share something between 5 and 8 minutes, when the recipient opens the link, the video will not play from the beginning, but from a specific time you choose.Next, we'll show you how to create a shareable link to a YouTube video on the YouTube mobile app and computer at a specific time.

How to share a YouTube link from a certain period of time on your computer

There are two ways to share a YouTube video link from a specific point in time using your Mac or PC:

Use the right-click function

1. Open a YouTube video in any desktop web browser.

2. On the time bar, click the location you want to share.

3. Right-click on the video and select Create Video URL at Current Time.

4. Share the link copied to the clipboard in any way (e.g. mail, message, etc.).

When the recipient opens this link, the video does not start from the beginning, but the time you set in step 2.

Use the share button

1. Open YouTube videos on computer browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.

2. Below the video, click Share.

3. Check the "Start time" box, change the time to whatever time you like, and press enter.

4. Click Copy and send this link.

When someone clicks this link, this YouTube video will start playing from the start time you set.


How to share a link to a specific time period of a YouTube video on a mobile device

Use Desktop Mode in iOS Safari

1. Open a YouTube video in Safari and tap AA.

2. Click Request Desktop Website.

3. Now, follow the same steps as above.Hit share > check and set the "start time" point > hit enter > copy link and share.

If you're using Chrome or another browser on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, the steps to request the desktop version of YouTube will be different.

Insert timestamp manually

1. Play the video in the YouTube app and tap Share.

2. Click the Copy link.

3. Paste the copied link into iMessage, WhatsApp, Mail or any medium you like.

4. Add the time at the end of the URL.

In this example, ? t= represents a timestamp. 2m30s means the video will start playing at 2 minutes (m) 30 seconds.If you convert it to seconds, it's 150 seconds.You can use any format you like.If the video is long, you can use h for hours.For example, means the video will start playing at 2 hours 39 minutes 34 seconds.Obviously, you can change the time to any number you like.

Short Links vs Full YouTube Links

When copying the video link from the app, the video link is shortened and starts with, can you use ? t= set timestamp.

If the YouTube URL was not a shortened, but a full URL, it would start with this case, don't use ? t= is &t=.That is, replace the question mark (?) with an ampersand (&).The rest of the rules for minutes and seconds are the same.

This tutorial is relatively simple, I believe, you already know all the ways to share YouTube videos from a specific section using your computer or mobile device.Instead of lengthy entire videos, you can now share your favorite YouTube clips with your friends.




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