How to use special characters on a Mac keyboard

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Aside from the lack of special characters, the functionality and comfort of the Mac keyboard are perfect.Thankfully, you don't need to install any apps or add-ons because your Mac keyboard can handle your need for special characters.

How to Type Special Characters on Mac

1. Open "System Preferences".

2. Select Keyboard.

3. Enable Show keyboard and emoji viewer in menu bar.

4. Click the Keyboard icon and select Show Keyboard Viewer.

The virtual keyboard will now appear on the Mac computer.It's somewhat similar to a window's on-screen keyboard.However, you cannot view the entire symbol set.To do this, tap the keyboard icon on the menu bar.Click "Show Emoji" from the menu.

The left menu lists emoji, arrows, bullets/asterisks, currency symbols, Latin, alphabetic symbols, math symbols, parentheses, pictograms, and punctuation.The second menu displays a submenu and helps search for items from a specific set of options.

In daily operations, we may not need to use special characters much.This method covers most of the special characters you might need, and it should work if you need it occasionally.

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