7 ways to troubleshoot when WhatsApp isn't working

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WhatsApp is the most popular text messaging app in the world and an essential communication tool for many people.So if it doesn't work it can be frustrating.Also, the cause of the failure is often not obvious, so you may need to try a few troubleshooting steps to narrow down the problem.Next, we've listed a few common problems for you and how to fix them:

Your account may have been blocked WhatsApp delete

WhatsApp reserves the right to delete your account if you have been inactive for more than 120 days, and if your account has been deleted, you have to recreate a new account.

Make sure you have a stable wireless connection

If your phone's wireless connection isn't working, you may not be able to connect to and use WhatsApp.Make sure you see WiFi or cellular signal in the status at the top of your phone's display, and if in doubt, you can try other apps that access the internet to make sure your connection isn't causing the problem.Sometimes turning the internet off and back on can fix connection issues - swipe down from the top right corner of the screen to see Control Center on iPhone or Quick Settings on Android, then tap the Airplane Mode icon.After a short wait, you can tap it again to turn wireless back on.

You can fix connection issues by turning Airplane Mode on, then off again.

Restart WhatsApp

If there is a problem with the WhatsApp app, it can usually be solved by closing the app and then restarting it.After closing WhatsApp, restart it and see if the problem is resolved.

Check if WhatsApp is down

WhatsApp is generally a reliable service and you rarely need to worry about it going offline.However, every online service has occasional interruptions.Wondering if the problem is with WhatsApp, not you?Open the WhatsApp status page in Downdetector, which will tell you if there is a current outage.You can also search for "WhatsApp down" in your browser.

Check Downdector to see if WhatsApp is offline.

restart the phone

Similar to restarting the WhatsApp app, you can also restart your iPhone or Android device and see if that fixes the problem.You can turn off most Android devices by holding down the power button for a few seconds, or by pulling down from the control center from the top of the screen to find the power icon.

Make sure WhatsApp is the latest version

It's a good idea to make sure your phone updates all apps automatically.However, if you haven't updated WhatsApp in a while, there may be some kind of bug or incompatibility with your version that is preventing it from working properly.Here's how to manually update WhatsApp on Android, the iPhone update process is similar:

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap the "Search" icon in the lower right corner and search for "WhatsApp".

3. If an update is available for the app, the button will say "Update" - tap it.Otherwise, it will say "On", which means you are up to date.

clear cache

There is also a case that there may be some corrupt data in the WhatsApp cache that prevents the app from working properly, so you should clear the cache and see if this solves your problem.If you're using WhatsApp on your iPhone, there's no way to simply clear the cache.You can only uninstall the app and reinstall it from the app store.If you have an Android device, you can clear the cache without uninstalling WhatsApp:

1. Open the "Settings" app and tap "Apps".

2. If necessary, tap View all apps, and then tap WhatsApp.

3. Click Storage & Cache.

Clear the cache on Android to remove any corrupt data.

4. Click Clear Cache.

Restart the application.If the problem persists, follow the same steps and click Clear Storage.This is a little inconvenient for you, though, and clearing the app's storage will remove your login and all other saved data from the app.

The above steps will most likely bring WhatsApp back to normal operation, if it still doesn't solve the problem, you may need to contact customer service for support.



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