How to Set an Alarm for Your Mac

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If you need to use it for a long timeMac, which can cause you to lose your mind or feel very tired, and sometimes you may want toMacSet an alarm on your computer to help you remember something important or wake up from a desktop nap.

However, macOS doesn't have a built-in clock app, so there's no explicit alarm option on the Mac.But there are a few ways to make it easy for your Mac to remind you of something, and it does almost the same thing as an alarm clock.

1. Use Wake Up Time to Set an Alarm on Your Mac

Wake Up Time  is a free app that can set an alarm clock on a Mac computer.The app hasn't been updated in the past six years, but that doesn't stop it from working properly on all macOS versions, including macOS Monterey.

1. Open Wake Up Time on your Mac and set the desired time under Alarm Time.You can click the small arrow or select the time and use the keyboard.

2. In the sound options, you can choose any alarm tone and preview it using the play button.

3. Click the circular alarm on/off button in the lower left corner to enable the alarm.Once turned on, you'll see the text "Alarm Set" in the light orange light box.The alarm will go off and play a sound to wake you up at the set time.


It's important to note that your Mac can't be put to sleep, and Wake Up Time won't work properly, however, Wake Up Time has an optional helper app that puts your Mac to sleep and wakes up when the alarm goes off wake it up.To get the helper, click (i) > Download within the app.Before installing a helper app, you should go through the FAQ on the app's web page.


When you unzip the file and double-click to open it, your Mac may be preventing you from installing the helper app because it hasn't been updated since 2013 and Apple can't verify the developer.If you want to continue, you can open apps from unidentified developers on a case-by-case basis by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open Anyway.

Other Alarm Clock Apps for Mac

If Wake Up Time isn't your thing, here are some free alarm/timer apps for Mac from the macOS App Store:

1.  Digital clock: With this app, you can create multiple alarms for free on your Mac.It also lets you name your alarm, choose from a variety of sounds, and more.The interface may look familiar on your iPhone and iPad.However, in my testing, I found that if the app is not on the Mac's desktop (like if it's in a different space or minimized), it doesn't play the sound and just displays the notification.

2.  Sleep Alarm Clock: This app allows you to set an alarm on your Mac.However, when you enter the exact alarm time, it can go wrong.Other than that, the app works fine.

3.  Howler Timer: This is a simple and amazing app that lets you set a timer and once set, your Mac will howl like a wolf.To be honest, I'm not sure you'll like it.

4.  Horo: This is a time management app that can set a timer.The app is located in the menu bar of your Mac and will play a sound to remind you when the time is up.

Again, all of the above apps will only work when the Mac is not in sleep mode.

2. Use the iOS app on your Mac to set an alarm

If you prefer third-party alarm clock apps on your iPhone or iPad, then your Mac must be on an M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, or newer Apple chip.You can search for the Alarm Clock app in the Mac App Store and click "Apps for iPhone and iPad" from the top of the search page.After that, download the iOS Alarm Clock app on your Mac to use it.


I installed it myself on a MacAlarm Clock – Wake Up  , after observation, it works fine, it's just that you can't quit applications or put the mac to sleep.


3. Use Siri to set reminders on your Mac

As mentioned, this is not an alert, but it effectively does what an alert does - i.e. notify you of something.Although it is not an alarm clock, it can effectively achieve the role of an alarm clock.

First, invoke Siri on your Mac and ask it to remind you of something at the desired time.For example, go to bed at 11:30 pm.If you ask Siri on your Mac to set an alarm, it will notify you that it cannot do so.However, it will give you a reminder to set it up.


4. Use Reminders App on Mac

If you don't want to use your voice to set an "alarm" on your Mac, you can type Siri.You can also open the macOS Reminders app, click the plus icon and create reminders manually.Don't forget to set the correct date and time.To use a custom time, click (i), select the time, and use the keyboard to enter any time.


5. Use the Mac Calendar app to get reminders

You can create events and receive notifications in your Mac's Calendar app.It technically works, but the sound is muted, so this method may not be the best alternative to an alarm clock.

There are actually some websites you can use to set your Mac's alarm clock, but that's too tedious for me.A well-reputed third-party app might be the best option.



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