Did you know the built-in dictionary on the iPhone?How to use it to help your studies and work

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You may not know it, the iPhone comes with a powerful built-in dictionary, which is available in multiple languages, and you can download any of them according to your needs.There's even the New Oxford American Dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary, and more.With it, you'll never have to open a separate dictionary app to look up the meaning of a word while typing or chatting, and your iPhone can even act as an instant translator.Next, we'll show you how to use it:

Enable iPhone built-in dictionary

You can find your iPhone's built-in dictionary in your phone's settings.So, to enable any language-specific dictionary, just go to the dictionary settings to download and activate it from the language list.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Go to "General → Dictionary".

3. Tap the dictionary you want to use.You will see the download progress loop to the right of the selected dictionary.Once you see a blue checkmark on the left side of the dictionary, it means it is now active.


Your iPhone dictionary is now active and ready to use.Next, let's take a look at how to use a dictionary to find the meaning of a word.

How to Use the iPhone Built-in Dictionary to See the Meaning of Words

When you need to look up the meaning of a word, the iPhone's built-in dictionary will help you without leaving behind what you're typing.As such, it saves you time navigating word meanings on Google or third-party dictionary apps and prevents distractions.To use the iPhone dictionary, simply highlight the word you want to see its meaning.

Once the word is highlighted, hit "Find" and its meaning will appear in the dictionary you selected earlier.Next, click Definition to expand it.


How to deactivate unused dictionaries on iPhone

To reduce the number of definitions that pop up each time you look up a word, you may want to deactivate some active dictionaries.To do this, go to "iPhone Settings" → "General → Dictionary".You will see a blue check mark on the active item.Now, click on the dictionary you want to deactivate.

iPhone dictionary not working?Try these fixes

The dictionary may sometimes fail to show the meaning of a word, it says "Nothing found".This can be due to several bugs in your terminal or application.Here are a few quick fixes that should do the trick:

1. Make sure you are only looking up one word at a time, as dictionaries cannot check the meaning of sentences.

2. Check if the word you are looking for is misspelled.

3. Redownload the dictionary by removing the blue check mark and selecting the dictionary again.

4. This may be due to low memory and you need to force restart your iPhone.

5. Although the iPhone's built-in dictionary only works with iOS 11 and above, updating your iOS version to a later version may help.

Likely, it's still easy for you to forget that the built-in dictionary exists on your iPhone.But you should use it more and form a habit.Because of it, you will never have to worry about unfamiliar words again.

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