Castflow - A small, fast, immersive general-purpose podcasting app

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Castflow It is a small podcast app on the iPhone, it is only 11.9MB.However, the version requires at least iOS15.It is a personal project and has been6 monthsAround, not a particularly mature product.All features are currently available for free to users.Recently launched the annual Premium program with in-app purchases, the revenue will be used to cover some costs and plan future development plans.


Castflow It is a general-purpose podcast iOS App, influenced by overcast, pockets cast and other podcast applications. Castflow will not modify the podcast URL, feed and other information, and encourages users to directly visit its official website to retain the subjectivity of the content of the podcast creator.

Quick Start Guide

New users can find podcasts by entering keywords through the built-in search function, or they can add shows directly through the RSS feed.

Generic client listeners can synchronously subscribe data to Castflow by importing OPML files. Currently, it supports importing from multiple platforms such as overcast, pockets cast, castro, and small universe.

Feature list (as of February 2022, 2)

  •  In-app search for podcasts
  •  Double speed playback
  •  skip audio blanks ( beta )
  •  Multi-language support
  •  OPML import/export
  •  RSS feed added
  •  Multiple subscription list presentation methods
  •  Show note save as long image
  • Tag, favorite, share

Castflow is small, fast, and non-social, and worth a try for those who like podcasts!


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