The Best Screencasting Apps of 2022

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We may often need to capture an image on a monitor, whether it's a beautiful scenery, a moving moment, or a joke on Twitter.Still, even when used with Paint or Paint 3D for image editing, Windows' old PrtScn capture to Clipboard key is still very limited.You may need the power and flexibility provided by a third-party screen capture utility.No matter which software you choose, all you want is the ability to take images and create videos as much as you want.Next, we'll introduce you to a few really great screen capture apps:


Snagit With over 1400 million users, it is one of the most popular screen capture tools in the world.This PC- and Mac-compatible app lets you take screenshots, capture scrolling screens, or edit content by adding text, highlights, arrows, and other items.Additionally, the built-in screen recorder allows you to save your desktop or webcam actions as MP4 files or animated GIFs. Snagit also features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so you can find and replace text in images.

Once you're done, you can send it to Gmail, Twitter, Word, PowerPoint, and many other destinations, including TechSmith's own Screencast (for storage) and Camtasia (for advanced video editing).And, it's free to try.



dropr Subscriptions allow you to access various screen capture tools.Take a screenshot and mark it with text and emoji.Record your screen and webcam.Make animated GIFs.A single account can seamlessly sync files across browser extensions, desktop apps, and mobile apps.It is also free to try.

Dropr is more useful for enterprise teams.Upload and organize files in shared cloud storage so your colleagues and even the public can access them.Optional premium add-ons provide additional professional benefits such as custom domains and analysis tools.


Screencast-O-Matic is a free screenshot tool that lets you take screenshots from your computer screen or webcam (or both) and record video clips up to 15 minutes long.And upgrading to the Deluxe ($1.65 per month, billed annually) or Premium ($4.00 per month, billed annually) plan adds many other features.

For example, the Deluxe Edition allows you to draw and zoom, create speech-to-text subtitles, record computer audio, take advantage of the green screen filter, and import narration and music.It also removes the recording time cap and unlocks video editing capabilities.The premium version builds on Deluxe and adds a stock photo gallery, secure data backup, sharing and collaboration tools, an ad-free branded website and other features.

Moreover, Screencast-O-Matic is perfectly compatible with PC, Mac and Chromebook.

Ashampoo Snap


Ashampoo Snap The features may not be as comprehensive as Snagit, the leader in the screen capture utility space, but at $39.99, it's also not as expensive as Snagit.

But it also has many advanced features.For example, you can make GIFs, grab text with OCR tools, capture scrolling windows, and take advantage of powerful image editors.Improved 4K recording performance makes Snap ideal for saving and sharing high-quality video across a variety of platforms.And, Ashampoo Snap can run on PC.

Vimeo Records


Vimeo is a high-quality YouTube alternative for artists and professionals, while Vimeo Records is the service's free video recording tool.With it, you can record unlimited clips (up to two hours per clip) of your screen or webcam (or both).It also allows you to upload recordings to your Vimeo account.

Paid users get more services, such as they can share Vimeo recordings with multiple members of the same team, quickly send video messages between colleagues, share feedback on projects, monitor analytics, and more.Unlike the other utilities on this list, however, Vimeo can only record and edit videos, and has no screencasting capability.And, for now, it can only be found on the Google Chrome extension.

Windows Snip & Sketch


Nor can we forget Windows Snip & Sketch, a free screen capture tool built into Windows 10, lets you take a screenshot, then annotate or resize the image using a mouse, digital pen, or finger on a touch device.You can then save the marked image or export it to Mail, OneDrive, OneNote, Twitter, or other apps.

Snip & Sketch is a simple app that just captures screenshots; if you want to capture video using the default Windows utility, the operating system's integrated Xbox Game Recording toolbar lets you do that.However, it can only take screenshots of applications, not the desktop.

For the record, Windows 10 has another built-in screen capture utility called Snipping Tool.You can pretty much ignore it though, as it's been overtaken by Snip & Sketch.In fact, Microsoft is phasing out the app in future updates.


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