How to Install Google Docs, and the 9 Best Google Docs Addons for Students and Writers

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Google Docs At its core is a simple program that provides much of the same functionality as other documentation.But if you dig deeper, you can find,Google Docs Offers many unique features that other word processors lack.

Most of these features come from the Google Docs add-on program, which allows developers to create new features for applications.Anyone can install and use these add-ons, and they are great for increasing your productivity.Next, we'll bring you a quick guide to installing the Google Docs add-on, as well as nine of the best add-ons: (Note: While all add-ons are free to install. However, some add-ons may require you to create a Extra account or pay to unlock all their features.)

How to install Google Docs

You can install any add-on you want through the Google Workspace Marketplace.To find it, open a Google Docs document, new or old, click Add-ons in the top toolbar, and select Get Add-ons.

The Google Workspace Marketplace lists the most popular plugins for you.


Once opened, click on the desired add-in and select Install.Give this plugin permission to connect your Google account and it will install automatically.You can find all add-ons you have installed in the Add-ons menu at the top of any Google Docs document.Unfortunately, the add-ons are only available for the Google Docs website and desktop app, there are no add-ons for the Docs mobile app, so, you can't use them on your phone.

Writing Habit can help you reach your goals

Google Docs has its own word count feature built into the app.But its function is very simple, it only shows the number of words.So, you may needWriting Habit.

Writing Habit lets you set daily and weekly word count goals and shows you how close you are to achieving those goals at any given time.It even looks at how many words you type per minute to predict how long a project will take to complete.

Writing Habit tracks you for several different time periods.

If you need a way to track your writing progress, Writing Habit is a great choice.

Easy-AccentsMore than XNUMX languages ​​supported

The most frustrating part of writing in another language is having to constantly remember how to type special accented characters.

Easy-Accents Speed ​​up the process by placing a menu on the side of the screen with every possible accented letter.Just click a letter to insert it into the document.Hold down the Shift key while clicking to capitalize letters.

Docs Paragraph Translate provides fast translation

Google Translate may be just a few clicks away, butDocs Paragraph TranslateIt can be pasted directly into your document.

To use Docs Paragraph Translate, simply highlight a sentence or paragraph, select its language and what you want to translate, and click Translate.Once the translation is complete, you can click a button to paste it into your document.


The first tab of the plugin allows you to choose a language, and the second tab provides translations.

Like all online translations, it's not perfect.But it's not bad if you want to convert quickly.

Automagical Forms turns any document into a Google Form

Google Forms is a standalone app that lets you create questionnaires, quizzes, and surveys.However, if you're taking a quiz in Google Docs, there's a quick way to port everything over.

Automagical FormsThe plugin will scan your Google Doc for issues, then convert it into a Google Form.If you don't like its automatic results, you can manually select what to turn into a question.

For anyone who conducts tests or surveys on a regular basis, Automagical Forms will be a time-saving tool that will help you get things done faster and easier.

MathType allows you to type equations

A word processor like Google Docs is great if you're typing in plain text, but it's going to struggle when you're trying to deal with special symbols, like those used in math formulas.

This is forMathtypeSuch plugins provide a place to be. MathType adds a new keyboard to Google Docs that lets you type and insert virtually any type of math or chemical equation into your document.There's also a handwriting mode that you can use to draw formulas and have the add-in convert them to text.

Equations can be as long and complex as you want - MathType will convert whatever you type into an image, so there shouldn't be any formatting issues.

It is no exaggeration to say that MathType is a must-have tool for mathematicians and data scientists working on documentation.

MathType offers a free trial, but you need a subscription to use it forever. is a free and full-featured diagramming application

Many Google Docs add-ons claim they support diagrams, but most require you to subscribe and All features are provided right from the start, you don't even need an account.

When you start it, will open a new window where you can choose from pre-existing templates or start entirely from scratch.Your diagrams can be spread as much as you want, and any diagram you make will be saved directly to your Google Drive account so you never lose it.

Beep for Google Docs can record quick voice notes

With the help of Beep for Google Docs, you can record your own spoken language and play it back without adding anything to the document.

It also saves your recordings to a unique URL that you can copy and paste to share with others.The URL can last as long as needed, or it can delete itself after a day.

Rhetoro can read your articles

While Google Docs allows you to translate speech to text, it doesn't work the other way around.RhetoroFills that void and will use artificial intelligence to read aloud whatever you highlight.It also doesn't disappear when the text is read, it also creates a read MP3 file that you can download and share with anyone.You can also control the AI's voice, and how fast it reads.

Rhetoro uses voice AI from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM.

FAX.PLUSBringing Fax Machines into the Internet Age

Few businesses or households have fax machines these days, which can be very frustrating if you ever come across a situation where you need to fax something.

FAX.PLUS The plugin converts any Google Doc to a fax that you can send to any fax number, even outside the US.It also lets you schedule sending, retry faxes if they don't go through, and email PDF versions of faxes to recipients.

This add-on lets you send up to 10 pages for free - after that, you'll need to pay to add more pages.




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