How to Personalize Your Mac's Lock Screen Appearance

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You probably don't care what your Mac's lock screen looks like since it's only used to unlock and get into the computer, but it would be nice to have a lock screen look you like when you open up your Apple laptop or desktop thing.

If you want to change the look of your MacOS lock screen, you can toggle off the default wallpaper and user icons for all accounts, but did you know you can also add messages to the lock screen?This can add a lot of fun, motivation or useful information to your life and work.Next, let's take a look at how this is done:

How to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper

In fact, in MacOS Monterrey, the lock screen wallpaper changes to your desktop wallpaper.However, there is a way to keep your desktop wallpaper as it is and change your lock screen wallpaper to something else.

For best results, you'll need to find an image that has the same resolution as your Mac's monitor, or you can resize a larger image to your Mac's resolution.To check your display's resolution, click the Apple button in the upper-left corner, then choose About This Mac.Your Mac's resolution is listed on the Displays tab.

Once you've found and downloaded the image you want to use, you'll need to convert it to the PNG file format.Please proceed as follows:

1. Open an image in Preview and go to File > Export.

2. Select PNG from the Format menu.

3. Next to Export As, name the file: lockscreen

4. Finally, click Save, the generated file name should be lockscreen.png

Once the file is ready, open Finder and go to Go > Go to Folder.In the window that pops up, enter /Library/Caches and click Go.This will open the cache folder.Next, open the desktop picture and then open the folder that contains a long list of numbers and letters.Inside, you should see a file called lockscreen.png.You can drag and drop your own files to replace existing files.

This is where your lock screen wallpaper comes in.

The next time you restart or put your computer to sleep, you should see the image as a new lock screen.However, if you change your desktop wallpaper, MacOS will replace your custom image with whatever image you choose for your new desktop wallpaper, so you'll need to go back and change it again using the method above.

How to add a message to the lock screen

While you have a "Find" feature that can help you find a stolen or lost laptop, there's another setting that can also help you get your MacBook back: lock screen information.The message, which can be your contact information, is at the bottom of the screen, just above the buttons on the lock screen.

Alternatively, you can add some work schedules or memos to the lock screen by writing a message.Methods as below:

1. Open System Preferences and click Security & Privacy.

2. Click the lock in the lower left corner and enter your password to change it.

3. Check Show message box when screen is locked.

4. Click the Set Lock Message button.

5. Write down the information you want and click OK.

Click Set Lock Message in the Security and Privacy Settings page to compose a message.

Your message will appear at the bottom of the lock screen.

How to Change the User Icon on the Lock Screen

Finally, you can also change your desktop's profile picture on the lock screen page, which may be some of Apple's default images, or a photo you took with your webcam when you first set up your computer.The operation is as follows:

1. Open System Preferences and click Users & Groups.

2. Move the mouse over the current icon and click Edit.

3. Select a new image or take a photo with your Mac's webcam.

4. Click Save to save the new image.

You can choose a memo, emoji, monogram, computer camera, or saved photo to use as the lock screen user icon.If you want to change the icon of any other user account that has been set up, you will need to click on the lock and enter your password before going through the same process as above.






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