How to Measure Your Heart Rate on iPhone (Google Fit Can Do It)

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Google Fitis a health tracking platform developed by Google for the Android operating system, Wear OS and Apple Inc.'s iOS.It is a set of APIs that can mix data from multiple applications and devices.Google FitUse user activity trackers or sensors in mobile devices to record physical fitness activities (such as walking, cycling, etc.) that are measured against the user's fitness goals to get a complete picture of their fitness.

iPhone Up Google Fit Your heart rate can be measured using the rear camera.Next, let's take a look at how to check your heart rate with this free app.

What should you prepare before using Google Fit

As 9to5Google pointed out, only needs to be turned on in a bright environmentiPhoneWith the camera, Google Fit can track "subtle changes in finger color" to understand blood flow and use algorithms to measure your heart rate.

Of course you still have some small preparations, like you need to have plenty of light, you can enable the iPhone flashlight if necessary, and your hands need to be kept at a normal temperature, because when your hands are cold, the blood flow in your fingers will decrease , which may give incorrect readings.In addition, it is necessary to remain comfortable, relaxed and quiet.

How to measure heart rate with Google Fit

1. Download Google Fit and make sure it is the latest version.

2. Open Google Fit and tap the bulleted list icon at the bottom.

3. Tap Vital Signs.

4. Under Check Heart Rate, tap Get Started.Navigate through the tutorial screens.Make sure to allow the app to access your iPhone camera.

5. If your light is low, tap the flashlight icon.Now, put your finger on the rear camera.Hold lightly but steadily.

If you have a newer iPhone, it may have two or three cameras on the back.Put your finger on the main camera at the top, if you are not sure, put your fingers on it one by one and the app will automatically start measuring when your finger is on the correct camera lens.

6. In about 30 seconds, Google Fit will measure your heart rate.Stay still during this time.

7. When finished, you can tap Save Measurement to record it.

Measuring heart rate with Google Fit is very simple and does not require an internet connection.While Google Fit isn't optimized for the iPad, it still works, and you can also measure your heart rate using its rear camera.For the average person, the heart rate averages around 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM).

Heart rate comparison between Apple Watch and Google Fit

Since Apple Watch also has the function of measuring heart rate, I compared it with Google Fit data to try to find the difference between the two:

7:00 PM:

  • Google Fit: 65 BPM


  • Apple Watch: 67 BPM

6:56 am:

  • Google Fit: 72 BPM


  • Apple Watch: 72 BPM

9:42 am:

  • Google Fit: 70 BPM


  • Apple Watch: 73 BPM

2:04 PM:

  • Google Fit: 72 BPM


  • Apple Watch: 72 BPM


I can't tell if the Google Fit or Apple Watch heart rate data is more accurate.But the above data is enough to show that the difference in readings obtained by expensive dedicated wearables and free apps that use the iPhone's camera is almost negligible.

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