How to Transfer iPhone Photos or Files to PC or Mac

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In addition to being used as a telephone,iPhoneIt can also be a professional quality camera.So you can easily capture great photos no matter when and where you are.However, the photo storage space on any device is quite unlimited, so you may need to uninstall those photos from time to time.You can use a USB cable to transfer photos from iPhone Transfer to Computer You can also sync iCloud with your iPhone and computer to automatically transfer photos in real time.These operations are not difficult, let's take a look:

How to transfer files or photos from iPhone to PC

There are several ways to transfer files or photos from your iPhone to your PC, including using Google Drive, emailing photos, using Microsoft OneDrive or a USB cable.

To transfer photos using OneDrive:

1. Open the OneDrive app and tap the blue plus icon.

Click the blue plus icon.

2. Click Upload, then Photos & Videos.If it asks for permission to access more photos, grant them.

If a permission popup appears, grant it permission.

3. Click on the photo you want to upload and select "Done" in the upper right corner.Your photo will now be uploaded.

Select the photo and click Done.

The process for uploading files in the Files app is pretty much the same.In step 2, click Upload, then browse, navigate to the file you want to upload, click it, and it will start uploading.

To transfer photos using a USB cable:

1. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable.You may be prompted to unlock with a passcode (your iPhone does not accept Face ID or Touch ID).If a pop-up appears asking if you want to "trust" the computer, select "Trust", and if asked, enter your device's password.

Click Trust if needed.

2. On a PC running Windows 10, click the Start button.Select "Photos" from the pop-up menu.

3. In "Photos", click "Import" and then select "From connected device" in the upper right corner.

Click "From Connected Device" to search for photos on iPhone.

4. The computer will start scanning the photos and videos in your iPhone.If you have multiple photo storage devices connected, you can choose the one you want.

Wait for the computer to scan the media in your iPhone.

5. You can choose where to put the imported photos, as well as choose which photos to transfer.After making your selections, click Import.

Select the photos to import and press import.

Alternatively, you can also go into File Explorer and click on iPhone under the "This PC" menu.From there, click Internal Storage and DCIM; your photos and videos are located here, sorted by year and month.You can then copy and paste them somewhere on your computer.

Fortunately, the DCIM method also works on other versions of Microsoft Windows besides Windows 10.

How to transfer files or photos from iPhone toMac

Transfer files or photos from iPhone toMacThe process is much the same as transferring it to a PC, but there are some minor differences in some key steps.If you want to know more, you can read our guide on how toEasily transfer files between iPhone and Mac.


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