How to Save iPhone Battery Power

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When your iPhone battery accidentally drains, it will bring you no small annoyance.At worst, a drained iPhone can get you into trouble, strip you of essential information, or worse.

Generally speaking, a brand-new iPhone's battery can last about 24 hours with moderate use when fully charged.But streaming video, long FaceTime calls, taking pictures, and playing games can speed up battery drain.Also, apps running in the background consume a lot of power even though you may not be doing anything.

Next, let's take a look at what methods and habits can help you improve battery life:

Track the apps that use the most battery

Before doing anything, you should check which apps are currently draining your battery life.This is a great way to start, as it will give you an idea of ​​which apps to avoid when trying to save battery, and maybe even which apps to uninstall completely.

Open your iPhone's Settings app, then tap Battery, and you'll find a list of which apps have used the most battery over the past day.It also allows you to check battery health, which affects the full charge.

iPhone's battery menu.

Turn on low power mode

When your iPhone's battery is below 20%, it offers a low power mode.However, if you want to save as much power as possible, consider turning it on earlier.You can find it in the battery menu mentioned above.

Low Power Mode reduces screen brightness, makes the screen turn off faster, and refreshes background apps less often.For example, you might stop receiving email when Low Power Mode is on.If you're on 5G internet, it might throw you back to 4G.You can tell when your iPhone is in low power mode by looking at the battery bar.If it is yellow, it means low power mode is on.

Turn down the brightness

Screen brightness is one of the biggest battery killers, and turning it down is a quick way to save power.Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen to open Control Center, then drag your finger down to decrease the brightness meter.

Swipe to decrease brightness.

You can also turn on "Auto Brightness," which will increase and decrease the brightness for you based on how much light is around you.You can find this option by opening Settings, tapping Accessibility, and then tapping Display & Text Size.

Connect to Wi-Fi or enter airplane mode

In the past, it was widely believed that Wi-Fi would drain the battery faster.But these days, Wi-Fi actually consumes less power than a mobile data connection.

To save battery while browsing the internet, connect to a Wi-Fi signal.And stay on the same Wi-Fi signal for as long as possible - if your iPhone is always looking for a new connection, it can take a toll on your battery. (To prevent your iPhone from searching for a Wi-Fi signal when not connected, open the Wi-Fi menu and turn it off.)

If you're not using the internet at all, consider turning on airplane mode.This will completely disconnect your iPhone from any wireless signals, disable most apps, but reduce battery usage.

Avoid high-performance applications

Apps that place higher demands on the phone's processing power—such as high-definition video editors, or games with great graphics—can drain the battery faster.When trying to save battery, stick with apps that don't need to load a lot of data or are primarily text-based.

Of course, that also includes the camera that comes with the iPhone.While it's not as noticeable as some apps, constantly taking pictures or videos can drain your battery. FaceTime is even worse because it needs to load both your video feed and someone else's video feed.If you're not sure which high-performance apps are, check out the battery menu we mentioned earlier.

Turn off location services

Some apps closely track your location and destination, even if you don't use them.They do this through a process called location services, and while it's meant to be unobtrusive, it can take up precious battery power.

To edit Location Services, open Settings and click Privacy, then Location Services.From here, you can turn off location tracking for all apps at once, or edit each app individually.The more you restrict, the less battery these apps use.

You can turn off location services for each app or specific apps.

Limit the number of notifications received

Notifications take up processing power, keep apps running in the background more often, and repeatedly light up the screen.Reducing the number of receptions will save more battery life than you might realize.Open the Settings app and tap Notifications to manage how notifications appear on your phone.You'll also get a list of every app that uses notifications, and you can tap any of them to change how their messages work.

Turn on dark mode

This doesn't work on all iPhones, but if your iPhone has an OLED screen, dark mode will save you power.

iPhone models with OLED screens include:

iPhone X

iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, & iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, & iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you own one of these iPhones, open the Settings app and tap Display & Brightness.Under Appearance, select the Dark option.

You can also set a schedule to have dark mode turn on automatically.

Disconnect external devices

Even though it's small, connecting a Bluetooth device to the iPhone requires extra power.When trying to save power, disconnect your wireless headphones and Apple Watch.To quickly disconnect each device at once, open the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app.This will also stop your iPhone from searching for new Bluetooth signals, saving even more battery power.

Keep your iPhone at a stable temperature

Your iPhone battery is sensitive to temperature.If your phone is too hot or too cold, your battery will drain very quickly.In a very cold environment, the iPhone will suddenly shut down even when the battery reaches 50%.Keep your iPhone away from sub-freezing temperatures.If it's hot outside, be even more careful—your iPhone naturally heats up while you're using it, so it's easy to overheat unknowingly.Don't panic if your iPhone shuts down due to temperature.Take it to a more stable temperature, plug it in the charger, and it will turn back on in no time.

The above 10 methods will help you tremendously when the charger is not around and your iPhone battery is about to run out.

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