7 Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone and Android

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Your phone comes with a built-in texting app, but you might not always want to use it.After all, texting uses your wireless plan, which can incur charges, especially when roaming internationally.There are many free texting apps available over WiFi or with unique advantages over standard texting apps on your phone.Next, let's take a look at:


WhatsApp is a safe, free texting alternative that is widely used.

The world's most popular texting app is notWhatsAppNope, it has over 20 billion users, which means if you need to text someone, there's a good chance they're already on iOS orAndroidusing WhatsApp.Among its many features, WhatsApp supports free text messages, photos, videos, file transfers, voice messages, and video chats.It also does this with full end-to-end encryption.Since you can have a group chat with up to 256 participants or video call with 4 people, it can accommodate a large number of communication scenarios.


ViberNot well known in the US, which means you might have a hard time getting other users on their iOS orAndroidInstall Viber on your device.Even so, it's a full-fledged texting app for every communication need.You can use it to text chat with up to 250 users at the same time, as well as make simultaneous voice and video calls with up to 40 participants. Viber offers full end-to-end encryption for all texts and calls, and you can exchange keys with selected contacts for added security.With a Viber Out subscription, you can also use the app to call any landline or mobile number, even if the person doesn't have a Viber account.


You don't need to use Facebook to send text messages through Messenger.

Messengeris Facebook's messaging service, and although it's a standalone app for iOS and Android, you don't even need to be a Facebook user to use it.Its popularity is mainly due to its connection to Facebook and its ease of messaging while using the social media platform. Messenger supports group texting of up to 150 users at a time, and you can also send voice and video messages.While conversations aren't encrypted by default, you can switch to Messenger's "Secret" mode, which applies end-to-end encryption to your text messages.


TelegramFocused almost exclusively on sending text messages, with less emphasis on video chats.It supports an almost unlimited number of users - you can text up to 200 users at once.While Telegram isn't instant end-to-end encryption, you can send secret chats that self-destruct after a set amount of time, so no record of them is left on your iOS or Android device.Of course, you can send photos, files and audio as well as text.You can convert any one-on-one chat to video, but group chats can only be upgraded to voice calls.


Signal is one of the most secure texting apps with full end-to-end encryption.

While many SMS services have added end-to-end encryption in recent years,SignalIncorporate it into text, voice and video conversations right from the start.It's also run by a nonprofit that has made no stated interest in reselling your private data, and the app doesn't have any ads.All of this adds up, and Signal is an excellent choice for secure, private, and secure texting.It's only available on iOS and Android though, but there's an added bonus for Android users: you can configure Signal to replace your phone's default messaging app with the default text app, but only encrypt messages with other Signal users dialogue.


TextNow is an inexpensive alternative to traditional wireless plans and offers free text messaging.

If you are registeredTextNowaccount, which will mean you can use your phone (iOS or Android) even without a traditional wireless data plan - when you sign up, TextNow will send you a SIM card for your phone for free, allowing you to stay on the cellular network Voice and text from your own phone number.This makes TextNow a great option for a backup phone or for kids to play with.This doesn't give you any data, so you still need WiFi to use normal apps.But TextNow gives you the basics, including free texting, and that's because the TextNow app will pay your bills by posting banner ads.

Text +

Like TextNow,Text +Can give you voice calls and text messages on iOS and Android.Unlike TextNow, which sends you a SIM card, Text+ uses your phone's WiFi, which you need to be on for Text+ to work.You'll get a phone number, unlimited free texting, and it costs $0.02 per minute when you make calls, and it's completely free to receive calls.

Today, the built-in texting app sometimes struggles to meet our requirements, and it also charges a fee.If you often need to travel abroad for work, or want to communicate more privately, then the above 7 free texting apps are all good choices.

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