The XSplit VCam is on sale, and it blurs or replaces the background of a video call

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If you often need to work from home, you probably don't want all your colleagues to check your living schedule during every virtual meeting, and unless you have a corner of your house dedicated to making video calls, you may want a background replacer .just,XSplit VCamIt does this well with state-of-the-art background replacement, blurring and removal.

Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts and most other major video chat apps,XSplit VCamPerfect for work meetings, class lectures, interviews, and even streaming.Using artificial intelligence, it transforms your background into a green screen that, by inserting a URL, can be replaced with still images, web pages, or even YouTube videos.Or you can blur your surroundings and keep your private space private.You can also adjust brightness, contrast and crop to get just the right background.Plus, it lets you use your smartphone as a webcam with a companion app.

The XSplit VCam is on sale right now, and you can get a lifetime subscription for just $29. This offer expires tonight at 9pm ET, so if this app is just what you need, be sure to subscribe before then.


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