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RoundedTB is a very interesting Windows 11 gadget that canmission BoardAdd margins, rounded corners, and display the start menu and system tray in sections, and you can set the system tray to automatically hide.

RoundedTB for youmission BoardAdd margins, rounded corners, and segmentation! With RoundedTB, you can customize the shape and appearance of the Windows taskbar without modifying any system files or making any permanent system changes.

The app provides the following features

Basic options

The easiest way to use RoundedTB is to simply enter a margin and corner radius. RoundedTB exists in the system tray, and all settings can be accessed by just right-clicking on its icon.

  • Margin - Controls how many pixels are removed from each side of the taskbar, creating a margin around it that you can see and click on.

  • Corner Radius - Adjusts how round the corners of the taskbar should be.

  • Advanced - Displays a range of additional advanced customization options.

  • Apply - Apply the selected settings to the taskbar.

advanced options

These options allow for further customization, at the expense of some user-friendliness.

  • Separate Margins - In Advanced Settings, a [...] button appears on the Margins box.Click it to enable independent margins, which allow you to specify margins for each side of the taskbar.You can also use negative values ​​to hide the rounded corners of certain faces, allowing you to "attach" the taskbar to different faces of the display.

  • Dynamic Mode (Windows 11) - Dynamic Mode automatically resizes the taskbar to fit the number of icons in it, making the taskbar behave like the macOS Dock.

  • Split Mode (Windows 10) -- Split Mode is a simplified version of Windows 10's Dynamic Mode.Since the taskbar is relatively limited, it is not possible to dynamically resize the taskbar.With some setup, however, split mode allows you to separate the taskbar from the system tray and resize it at will.

  • Show System Tray - This toggles whether to show the system tray, clock, etc. in dynamic/split screen mode.It can be toggled at any time by pressing [Win]+[F2].

There are still some known issues, like the taskbar extending to the left in some configurations, features like auto-hide are still experimental, but overall, there doesn't seem to be any other disruptive factor.

RoundedTB The app is free to download and can be found in the Windows 11 and Windows 10 Store.

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