How to Set Gmail to Delete in the Mail App for iPhone and iPad

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Many users willgmailaccount withiPhoneOriPadwith the stock Mail app on , which means that every time you delete an email or send it to the Trash using a swipe left gesture, you will usegmailAccount gets an "Archive" option.If you'd like to delete these Gmail emails in the Mail app, you can change your Gmail settings to iPhoneiPad to resolve this issue.

Gmail is the free Google email service that many iPhone and iPad users link to the stock Apple Mail app.For whatever reason, Gmail only allows users to archive emails by default.This can be frustrating for users who want to quickly delete emails instead of just storing them in the archive folder of their Gmail account.If that works for you, there's an option hidden and hidden in the Mail settings that lets you change the location of these discarded emails.

To be clear, we're talking about using Gmail in the default Mail app, not the Gmail app itself.If you're using the Gmail app as your default mail app on your iPhone or iPad, changing this setting won't have any effect on mail behavior.

Next, let's take a look at how to change the default "Archive" to "Delete" in the Mail app for iPhone and iPad so you can easily manage your emails.

How to Change Gmail to "Delete" Instead of "Archive" in the Mail App for iPhone and iPad

The following steps apply regardless of the version of iOS/iPadOS your device is currently running:

1. Go to "Settings" from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

2. In the Settings menu, scroll down and select the Mail app to change Mail settings.

3. From here, tap "Accounts" to configure settings for the email account linked to the Mail app.

4. If you have multiple emails linked to the app, you will see all the different accounts here, select the Gmail option under Accounts to continue.

5. Now, click on the email address next to the account to continue to the next step.

6. Next, click "Advanced" to access all options for your Gmail account, including mailbox configuration.

7. Here, you will see that the Archive mailbox is selected by default for discarded messages.Just click on "Deleted Mailbox" to change this setting.

This is the last step.You don't need to worry about default archives in the Mail app anymore.

From now on, when you swipe left on an email and choose to delete it, the message will be moved to the deleted mailbox instead of the archive mailbox.One problem with archive mailboxes is that when you view "All Mail" in the Mail app, it also includes archived emails.This setting change will prevent this from happening, as these emails will not be archived, but will instead be sent to the Gmail Trash.

The modification process is much the same for other email service providers.Select them and go to the "Advanced Settings" menu.

Likewise, if you default to the Gmail app for iOS or iPadOS instead of Apple's Mail app, you'll also need to change the setting, as the default swipe action is set to archive your mail.The process is slightly different because it uses the settings in the Gmail app.In conclusion, hopefully you can finally get the Mail app to actually delete your emails from Gmail, not just archive them.


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