How to add text on TikTok and customize it to your videos

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How toVibratoadd text on

Record on iPhone or Android TikTok VideoAnd after clicking the check mark in the lower right corner of the screen, here is how to add text:

1.Clicktextoptions (withAasymbol).

Screenshot highlighting text options on TikTok
Click the "Text" option. 

2.Enter your text.

3.Customize text with available options:

  • You can do this by clicking on the left side of the screenAto highlight the text.
  • You can also change the font through the options listed in the upper left corner of the text menu, and change the color by selecting an option from the colored circle at the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot showing highlighted text on TikTok
Enter your text and use the on-screen options to customize it the way you like. 

4.When you are ready, click on the upper right corner of the screenComplete, keep in mind that you can only change the position and timing of the text after this.

5.Drag the text to the area of ​​the screen where you want it to appear. usual by selectingNext, add a description and any other required information, then clickPostto complete your TikTok .

How to edit text you add on TikTok

1.Click on the TikTok draftTextto display more options.


Screenshot highlighting editing options on TikTok text
Select "Edit" in the pop-up window. 

3.Make the changes you want and click when readyComplete.

How to Customize the Duration of Text on TikTok

1.Click on the TikTok draftText.

2.选择set duration.This will take you to a screen where you can adjust when the text appears and (if desired) disappears.

3.To choose a start and end time, drag the time bar to match the time you want.

Screenshot of timing bar highlighting text on TikTok
Drag the timing bar to adjust how and when the text appears on the screen. 

4.You can do this by clicking on thePlaybutton to see what the text looks like.

5.When satisfied, select thecheck mark.

Screenshots highlight how to officially change text times on TikTok
Click the check mark to make your time change official. 
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