How to unlock iPhone's Face ID while wearing a mask (you must have iOS 15.4)

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Apple's Face ID lets us unlock easily and quicklyiPhone.but if you wearMasks, the Face ID feature may not work.However, the newly introduced iOS 15.4 Solve this trouble for you, even if you wearMasks, Face ID can also recognize.But this function only works for iPhone 12 and 13 models, including iPhone 12‌, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max.have to be aware of is,iOS 15.4 It's currently in public beta, which means it's only available to developers and users who have signed up for the Apple Beta Software Program.

How to set up while wearing a maskFace ID

First, make sure you have updated your iPhone to iOS 15.4.This is an update that includes the new Face ID feature.When you turn on your phone after installing an update, it may immediately ask you to set up a newFace ID.If not, you have to do the following:

1. Open your iPhone's Settings app and tap the "Face ID & Passcode" option.You must also enter a password.

2. Turn on the "Use Face ID with a mask" switch, and then tap "Use Face ID with a mask".

Click the "Use Mask's Face ID" option.

3. Scan your face with your iPhone, just like you did when you first set up Face ID.You don't need to wear a mask while doing this as it's mostly scanning your eyes.

If you also wear glasses, go back to the Face ID & Passcode page, then tap Add Glasses.This will also save your look when wearing glasses, so you can unlock your iPhone while wearing glasses and a mask.If you have more than one pair of glasses, you'll also need to replace them before repeating this step, or Face ID won't recognize them.

Since we need to wear masks many times these days, it will be very necessary to set up unlocking Face ID when wearing a mask.

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