How to Create and Set Up a Live Wallpaper on iPhone or Android

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On iPhone on:

1.into yourSettingapplication.


Screenshot of the Settings app on iPhone
Go to the wallpaper section of the settings. 

3.选择Choose a new wallpaper.

Screenshot of the Wallpaper section of the Settings app on iPhone
Select "Choose a new wallpaper". 

4.To choose a live photo, click in the options at the top of the screenLive, then select Live Photo.

Screenshot showing a way to choose to use Live Photos as wallpaper
Click "Live" and select your photo. 

5.Alternatively, you can scroll down and tap yourLive Photo Album, then select a Live Photo to use as your wallpaper.

Screenshot showing a way to select Live Photos to use as wallpaper
Scroll down and tap your Live Photos album. 

6.If needed, you can clickSettingand choose for your new wallpaperset lock screenOrset both.

On Android:

You need a third-party application to Android Set updynamic wallpaper.

1.Open Video to Wallpaper app.

2.Click on the lower right corner of the screenplus sign +.

3.Click选择, then select the video you want and clickdetermine.

4.选择applicationAnd selectdeterminecarry on. from listvideo to wallpaper,thenset wallpaper.

6.choose todynamic wallpaperApply to your home screen or your home screen and lock screen.

Other apps you can use includedynamic wallpaper,KLWP Live Wallpaper MakerOrWallop.

How to Convert Video or GIF to Live Photos

if you have a iPhone And want to turn certain videos into live wallpapers, then you have several options.However, you must convert these videos to Live Photos first.From there, you'll be able to find Live Photos in your library and set them as wallpapers.

Convert TikTok videos:

1.Open TikTok and navigate to the video you want to use.

2.Clicksharedicon, which looks like a curved arrow.

TikTok app home screen screenshot
Click the Share icon. 

3.ClickLive Photos.

Screenshot showing how to select the Live Photo option when sharing TikTok
Select Live Photos. 

Convert GIF:

1.Open the GIPHY app and find the GIF you want to use.

2.Clickthree dot iconand selectConvert to Live Photos.

GIF screenshot in the GIPHY app on iPhone
Select Convert to Live Photo. 

3.选择Save as Live Photo (full screen)OrSave as Live Photo (Fit to screen).

Screenshot of the options that appear when saving a GIF as a Live Photo on GIPHY
Choose how to save your Live Photos. 

Convert videos with third-party apps:

1.downloadVideoToLive appand open it.

2.Select the desired video.

3.Trim the video to the desired length using the tools at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot highlighting the trimming tool in the VideoToLive app on the iPhone
Trim the video as needed. 

4.Select your cover photo if desired.


Screenshot of edited video in VideoToLive

Some other apps you can use includeintolive,Video WallpaperWallpaper Maker.

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