How to Easily Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

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Generally speaking, Apple's product ecosystem generally works well.existiPhoneusing iMessage on theMacContinue to use it, it's very cool and very useful.However, you might be thinking that if you couldiPhoneMacSharing files between them is even better.Actually, there are several ways to do this.


AirDrop is an efficient way to quickly share files between iPhone and Mac.After enabling AirDrop on your Apple device, you can share files with just a few clicks.

From iPhone to Mac:

1. Open the file you want to share and tap the share icon, the square icon with an up arrow.

2. Tap the Mac icon (if you see it), or tap the AirDrop icon and select Mac from the subsequent menu.Then, the file will be transferred.

Tap your Mac or the AirDrop icon.

From Mac to iPhone:

1. Right-click the document you want to share.

2. In the menu that appears, hover over Share and click Airdrop.

Right-click the file, hover over Share, and select AirDrop

3. Click the recipient iPhone from the list to send the file, then click Done.

iCloud Drive

To use iCloud Drive, you must first set it up.

From iPhone to Mac:

1. Open the file you want to share and tap the share icon, the square icon with an up arrow.

2. Scroll down and tap Save to file.

3. In the new menu that appears, select iCloud Drive.

Click iCloud Drive to save.

4. Click Save.

5. On a Mac computer, open Finder and click iCloud Drive.Your files will be in there.

From Mac to iPhone:

1. Copy the files you want to share to the iCloud Drive folder in Finder.

2. On the iPhone, open the Files app and select iCloud Drive from the list of available locations.

3. Tap the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then tap Select.

4. Tap the file you want to transfer.

Choose the files you want to transfer from iCloud Drive.

5. Click the Share button and choose how you want toTransfer files.If it's a picture, you can choose Save Image, or choose another option for a different type of file.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them from any smartphone, tablet or computer.are numerous available between iPhone and MacTransfer filesOne of the best cloud storage solutions, it offers 15GB of free storage for all Google accounts.


Email is an old backup device for transferring files between devices.

From iPhone to Mac:

1. Open the file you want to share and tap the share icon, the square icon with an up arrow.

2. Select the default iOS email app (Mail) or the email app of your choice and fill in the details to send it to yourself.

Click Mail or the email application of your choice.

3. On your Mac, open your email application and check the email you just sent yourself with the file attached.You can download the attached images from here.

From Mac to iPhone:

1. Open your email application, create a new email, attach the file, and send the email to yourself.

2. On your iPhone, open your favorite email application and check the email.You can now choose to view attachments and save them.

image Capture

Image Capture is an application included by Apple in macOS that allows downloading pictures from a device such as a camera or iPhone to a Mac.Your iPhone must be awake and unlocked for Image Capture to work properly.

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable.Your iPhone may then prompt you to trust your Mac.Select "Trust" and enter your iPhone's lock screen passcode (if set), and your iPhone will appear in the Finder on your Mac.

2. On your Mac, select your iPhone from the left side of the image capture application.

3. You can now choose where you want to import the image on your Mac or any other connected device.You can import all photos or select specific photos.

Select the location of the images and files to import.

After learning these 5 methods, file transfer between iPhone and Mac will become very easy.

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