How to Turn Off the Red Dot on Apple Watch

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if you haveApple Watch, you know the device will keep you connected even when you're away from your phone.But with so much going on inside, it has to cram a lot of information onto a small means yourApple WatchSome of the symbols and buttons may be confusing to the untrained.If you are unfamiliar with the features and functions of the Apple Watch, you may be confused.For example, you may not know what the red dot at the top of the watch face is.

What does the red dot on Apple Watch mean?

A red dot at the top of your Apple Watch Home screen means you have unread notifications.It shows up whenever you get a notification and only disappears after you read the message.

Fortunately, checking notifications isn't complicated.Swipe down from the top of the Apple Watch screen to open the notifications page, then swipe up to close it.You don't even need to turn on any notifications - just check this page to remove the red dot.

To delete a notification, swipe left, then tap the X icon.You can also scroll to the very top of the notifications page and tap Clear All.

How to Turn Off the Red Dot on Apple Watch

If you don't want the red dot to appear when you get notifications, you can disable it through the Watch app on your iPhone.

Open the Watch app and make sure My Watch is selected at the bottom of the screen.Then tap Notifications, and turn off Notification Indicators.

You can re-enable this feature at any time by toggling the button again.

You can disable the red dot using the notification indicator.

It's just a simple tutorial, for the red dot on the Apple Watch, it's not a big deal whether it's canceled or not.


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