How to keep your Facebook profile as private as possible

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To easily connect with friends or colleagues, you may useFacebook, it's also the world's largest social media platform, but it also holds more personal data than you might realize.You need to have the right privacy settings, otherwise, a lot of your personal data may be exposed publicly.

Although you have no controlFacebookSell ​​your information to advertisers and other outside companies, but there are ways to ensure that other Facebook users can't see your information, keeping your privacy exposure to a minimum.Next, let's take a look: (If you don't want anyone to see your profile again, consider deactivating or deleting your account. This is an extreme approach, but it's also the best way to protect your privacy .)

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Facebook offers four privacy levels when you set up your account and posts.

Public: means anyone with the link can see it, even if they don't have a Facebook account.

Friends: Means only people on your friends list can see it.Sometimes you can also exclude certain friends from the post.

Friends of Friends: Means anyone with whom you share a mutual friend can see it.

Only me: means it's completely private and you're the only one who can see it.

If you want to make your Facebook as much as possiblePrivate, you should select "Only me".While some of Facebook's privacy tools are also available in the mobile app, you'll find all of them on your computer.

First, we come to Facebook's privacy menu:

1. Open the Facebook website and log in to your account.

2. Click the arrow in the upper right corner and select Settings & Privacy & Settings.

Go to your privacy menu.

3. On the Settings page that opens, click Privacy in the left sidebar.This will open the Privacy Settings and Tools page.Here, you have many options.

Make your posts private

First, go to the "Your Activity" section to change who is allowed to see your posts, posts you've been flagged, and pages you follow.

Click Who can see your future posts?to change your privacy settings for everything you post from now on.

Click Who can see users, pages and lists you follow?to change who is allowed to see what you're following.

Click to see all your posts and circle your content, or restrict who you can share with your friends or the public?You will be taken to a new page where you can edit the privacy settings of the uploaded content.

You can find all these options on the Privacy page.

Hide your profile on Facebook

If you're concerned that someone will find your profile and posts, the How Users Find and Contact You tool can help you hide.

Click Who can send you friend requests to limit the number of people allowed to friend you.It's important to note that you can't turn off friend requests entirely, the best you can do is limit them to mutual friends.

Who can see your friends list?Option to hide your friends list so people can't see who's on your network.

Click Do you want search engines other than Facebook to link to your profile?Lets you hide your profile from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.This is great if you're worried about people finding you by Googling your name, but the processing time tends to take days.

Block people from sending you messages

Using the "How to get message requests" section, you can limit who is allowed to message you.You can also choose to receive certain emails, but filter them into their own folders, away from your inbox.

Under "Potential Contacts," select where messages from people with your phone number and/or mutual friends go.You can choose to chat (regular inbox), message requests (separate folder), or not receive requests (delete them).

Under "Others," make the same selections for your unconnected users and Instagram users.Here, you can't choose to receive their messages in your regular inbox - you have to choose a message request or not.

How to make specific Facebook posts private

The controls we discussed above control your entire Facebook account.However, whenever you post something, you can give the post your own privacy options.This means you can keep your profile private but make a public post, and vice versa.

1. When you post on Facebook, click the small box below your name.

Click the Shared with box to choose how private the post is.

2. In the new menu that opens, select whether you want the post to be private or public.Once published, it will only be visible to the audience you choose.

The process of setting up a Facebook profile is extremely simple, and you can freely adjust it according to your desired level of privacy.



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