15 Best Firefox Extensions to Improve Productivity

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FirefoxIs a web browser full of personality, it has thousands of extensions, giving you great flexibility to customize the experience, you can freely adjust the browser according to your wishes.if you wish Firefox To have a feature or functionality, just browse the Firefox Extensions Gallery and you may find it as an extension.Here are 15 of the best productivity-focused extensions you should consider installing on Firefox.Here are 15 productivity-focused Firefox extensions for you:

Tomato Clock

The Tomato Clock puts a 25-minute task timer and two rest timers within easy reach, perfect for the Pomodoro work style.

Inspired by the classic kitchen tomato timer, fans of the Pomodoro technique rely on intermittent work of 25 minutes with short breaks in between.Tomato Clock Put a 25-minute Pomodoro timer with 5-minute and 15-minute breaks in just one click in your browser.It also has a statistics page where you can monitor your time management progress.It's a convenient way to keep you on track throughout the day.


You absolutely should have a password manager, it's the best way to make sure you have a strong, unique password for each of your websites and services.LastPass is a great free password manager that has a premium subscription option to add some extra features, the LastPass extension is essential for logging into all your websites.


Copy text from a web page by simply selecting the web page.

Autocopy Text copying is simplified so you no longer need to use keyboard shortcuts.If you frequently copy text from web pages, you might consider installing Autocopy.Then, just select the text you want to copy and wait about a second.You'll see the "Auto Copy" message pop up, it's in the clipboard waiting to be pasted.One caveat: you need to drag to select text to automatically copy; double-tapping to select will not trigger the expansion.


Today, spelling and grammar checkers are essential tools for online transactions, while LanguageTool is a free and open source checker that keeps you smart and professional anywhere you need to enter text online.It works on most websites, supports 25 languages, and uses an encrypted connection to check spelling, offering better privacy than most similar language tools.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader can apply a custom dark theme to any web page.

If you need to use the computer for a long time for your study or work, you can consider installing Dark Reader.It can control brightness, fonts, and even special settings like a sepia filter, and if you read late at night and need better eye care, it should be perfect for you.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track Allows you to track the time spent on specific tasks and projects throughout the day.If you need to pay for your time, or just want to track your day-to-day lifestyle, Toggl track will integrate with a range of popular productivity apps like Gitlab, Trello, Google Docs, WordPress, and more.It will track the time you spend on each project and log your time for reporting and billing.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail will pop up your inbox at the top of any website you're currently browsing.

Checker Plus for Gmail To make it easy to manage your mail just by visiting the Gmail website, click the extension to see a drop-down menu that displays your entire inbox at the top of any website you happen to visit.Here you can read, reply, delete and manage emails.If you have multiple email accounts, you can also switch at any time from the handy sidebar.

Tranquility Reader

You probably hate web pages crammed with ads, video players, and endless navigation controls.Tranquility Reader All of this is stripped away and a very simple plain text page is presented, easy to read or print.

Full Web Page Screenshots

Use FireShot to take screenshots of entire web pages, no matter how long or short.

Full Web Page Screenshots, aka FireShot, can save an entire web page from top to bottom, even if it's far beyond the bottom of the screen.Once captured, you can save it as a JPG or PDF, copy it to the clipboard, or even print it.


replace the new tab page withMomentum, and get a highly configurable start page where you can populate favorites links, frequently visited sites, a search box, and handy details like weather and time.Add to that beautiful photography, quotes and your own to-do list.If you need to focus between projects, Momentum is a handy tool to help you do just that.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Right click on any web image to find where TinEye is used.

Wondering where a specific online image comes from, or need to see what other sites are using it?Install TinEye Reverse Image Search .Just right-click on any image you find on the web and select "Search for images on TinEye" from the drop-down menu. TinEye will start working, opening a new page with all the results it can find.

Morning Coffee Quantum

Morning Coffee QuantumA useful extension for anyone who has a different task or project each day of the week.You can train Morning Coffee Quantum to open a specific set of websites each day of the week, so you might have one set of websites open on Mondays and Tuesdays, but a different set of websites on Wednesdays, and when the weekend comes, another set group site.

The Camelizer

An extension from the price tracking website CamelCamel,The Camelizer The price history of any product on Amazon can be easily viewed.Just visit an Amazon product page and trigger The Camelizer; you'll immediately see fluctuations in the product's price, as well as its historical high and low prices.This extension is a must-have if you're looking for the best time to buy something on Amazon.


OneTab reduces all open tabs to a list of links in pinned tabs.

If you often have so many browser tabs open that your computer is slowing down, or you simply can't find what you're looking for because Firefox has so many web pages open, try OneTab.Click OneTab to expand and all open tabs will be reduced to a list of links in a single pinned tab.Whenever you need to reopen a web page, you can use OneTab tabs at any time, while controlling the expansion of the tabs.


Need to find metrics about your website such as its global ranking, traffic statistics, bounce rate, traffic sources and visitor demographics?You can access files like SimilarWeb Such a site, but if you need this information frequently, install the SimilarWeb extension and get it with one click.When you click the SimilarWeb extension icon after opening a website, the sidebar will fly out with tons of information about the website.

Here are 15 very useful extensions you can put to good use to boost your productivity.



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