15 Best Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Browser Efficiency

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Google ChromeFast and efficient, widely popular, has become a lot of peopleBrowserfirst choice.existChrome Web Store There are countlessExtension program, take advantage of them, and Chrome will become even more powerful.We've rounded up 15 of the best Chromes designed to boost your productivity Extension program, whether you use Chrome for work, hobbies or creative pursuits.


Loom allows you to record screencasts of any tab or window or your entire desktop.

Loom Can record specific windows,BrowserTabs or the entire desktop and audio narration.The best feature is that it can use your webcam to capture optional video of the conversation - you'll appear in a small circular window in the corner of the screen for an extra professional touch.Also, you can share your videos via email.


TinEyeis a reverse image search tool.Wondering where a specific image came from, or where is it used online?Click the TinEye extension button to go to the TinEye website, then drag any online image to the page, even directly from another site, without downloading it first.After a few moments, TinEye will show you all the sites where the same image was found.

Fox Clocks

Use FoxClocks to keep all the time zones that are important to you on screen at all times.

If your work involves the whole world, knowing the time between seven time zones can be important.Fox ClocksAllows you to build a list of cities and display the time in a bar at the top or bottom of the browser.Or, when you click the extension button in the toolbar, see the time in the drop-down menu.


Tis a beloved organizer and list manager that syncs tasks and activities across computers and other devices.The extension puts your Todoist items in a drop-down menu so you don't have to open a new window or app to see your schedule for the day.You can also add new tasks, set goals, and see team members who also use Todoist here.

Email Finder

As the name suggests,Email FinderEmail addresses for business contacts can be easily found.It works with LinkedIn to get email addresses from any business or search page.All contacts are automatically stored in GetProspect's cloud, where you can create email lists and export them elsewhere.


Bitwarden is a free password manager with a great browser extension.

Most people have multiple passwords, which can be a headache to manage.In fact, we can all try to use a password manager to securely manage several of our own passwords.BitwardenIt is one of the best password managers, and it is also highly recommended by users for free.You can log in to the website with just one click, and it also lets you access secure documents from any website.

Save to Pocket

Pocketis a handy tool for saving websites you want to see later, it's owned by Mozilla and has its initial version built right into Firefox.But you can also use the Pocket extension to flag sites for later reading on Chrome.You can see your Pocket reading favorites in the app on Chrome, Firefox, computer or mobile.

Print Friendly & PDF

Remove all ads from web pages with Print Friendly & PDF extension.

Print Friendly&PDFGet rid of all the ads, navigation controls, and other unnecessary elements of a web page that you want to print, share via email, or save as PDF.Just navigate to the page, select the extension and it will open in a new window that you can print, save or share.You'll be surprised how compact many web pages look in this stripped-down form.


Paper Turn your Chrome browser into a ready-to-use notepad for jotting down notes.Whether you want to keep notes for later work, grocery shopping items, or random notes for your next novel, just open a new blank tab in Chrome. Papier converts empty tabs into free-form notebooks.Add headings, simple formatting, bulleted lists, and text.They're all automatically saved in Chrome, so you don't even need to sign up for an account of any kind to use it.

Full Page Screen Capture

You can take a single screenshot of any page, no matter how long it is.

Most web pages are well beyond the bottom of the computer screen, but"Full Page Screen Capture"Take a long screenshot of an entire page with just one click. After capturing the entire page in a single image, you can save it to your computer as a PNG or PDF, and even edit it by adding lines, arrows, and other shapes it.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for GmailMakes your Gmail account accessible from anywhere; click on the extension and you'll get a drop-down menu showing your inbox.From there, you can read, reply, delete, and otherwise manage emails, as well as easily switch between accounts to view all your emails at once.With Checker Plus, you almost never need to open Gmail in a dedicated browser tab.

Google Translate

Google Translate can display any English web page.

There are many ways to get online translations, but few are like using Google Translate Extensions are as simple as that.After installing this add-on, simply select the foreign language text on the page and click the Google Translate icon that appears next to the option.It's automatically translated and you don't even need to specify the language.


As one of the most popular online spelling and grammar checkers, you can useGrammaryEXTEND Get enhanced writing instruction on virtually any website, including social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Grammarly has a paid version for advanced editing, but you can take advantage of its excellent spelling and grammar checking for free.

Google dictionary

Google Dictionary's popup defines any word you choose.

You may need help with vocabulary, especially if you read technical articles with domain-specific terms,Google dictionary Just like Google Translate, only the words are already in English.Double-click on any word on the page and Google Translate will open a popup with the definition and audio pronunciation.

Zoom Scheduler

If you use Google Calendar but prefer Zoom to Google Meet (or need Zoom), you can use Zoom's Scheduler extension to start or schedule Zoom meetings directly in Google Calendar, saving you navigating between the two apps and organization time.

That's not all, there are still many extremely valuable extensions worth exploring.But in-depth understanding and proficient use of the above extensions, your work efficiency will undoubtedly be multiplied with half the effort.

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