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Cpu-Z is a computer'sCPUdetection software. Cpu-Z is suitable for monitoring of any brand and model, and the range of detected data is very wide and comprehensive.CPUAll aspects involved are presented to the user in the most intuitive way.

In Windows 10, right-click the Windows logo on the taskbar and select System from the popup menu, and you'll get information about the device name, processor type, installed memory, and other details.

In Android, go to Settings, tap "System" and "About Phone" depending on your device model, you can get information about system software, battery and other specifications.

If you need more than general information about processors and other hardware components, one of the best options is to use this free tool developed by CPUIDCPU-Z.It's a handy tool to get a detailed look at your Windows and Android device's specs so you can see exactly what you have.

使用 CPU-Z It's easy.Just run the app and it will list everything in clear and concise tables with technical terms and information that might be of interest to the device you own.

The app also allows you to verify your device's specifications by submitting it to the CPU-Z database.Shortly after submitting, you'll get a verification URL that displays all the information about the device; for example, this is for Windows 10 devices.

CPU-Z runs on Windows desktop and Android mobile systems.It takes up very little storage space and supports major devices on the market. The Android version will tell you other information about the system, battery, and sensors besides the CPU, but it lacks the ability to save reports in html or text format and the benchmarking tools available in the Windows version.

For ease of reference, the information provided by CPU-Z for Windows and Android is listed below:

CPU-Z for Windows includes information in the following tabs:

CPU - Gives you CPU name, codename, package, technology, specs, core speed, multiplier, bus speed and cache.
Caches - Provides the size and descriptor of each cache.
Motherboard – Displays the manufacturer, model, chipset and other details of the motherboard, as well as BIOS and graphical interface details.
Memory - Tells you type, size and channel, as well as timings for frequency, FSB, latency, latency, cycle time, command rate, etc.
SPD (Serial Presence Detection) - Provides you with module size, maximum bandwidth, manufacturer and other details.
Graphics - Displays display device selection, GPU name and manufacturer, clock and memory.
Bench - Lets you benchmark your CPU against references.
About – Lets you verify online, save reports in text or html format, check clock speeds and timers, and more.

CPU-Z for Android includes information in the following tabs:

SOC (System on Chip) - gives you CPU name, cores, architecture, clock speed per core, GPU vendor and other details.
Device - Lists model and brand, motherboard, screen size, screen resolution and screen density, size, weight, total available RAM and storage.
System - Displays Android version, API level, security patch level, bootloader, kernel architecture and version, root access, system uptime, and more.
Battery – Tells you about battery health, charge, power, status, technology, temperature, voltage and capacity.
Heat - Provides AC and battery heat for the device.
Sensors – Displays readings from accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic field, barometer, proximity, lux, RGB, orientation, motion, gravity, and more.
About – Lets you verify online, set up, get help, and reference FAQs.

Cpu-Z installation steps

Download Cpu-Zsoftware package, after decompressing the compressed package, double-click with the left mouse button to open the installation file.


Cpu-Z screenshot


Cpu-Z screenshot

2. Enter the installation program, first read the software related license agreement, if there is no objection, click to select "I accept the agreement" at the bottom left, and then click "Next".

Cpu-Z screenshot

      3. Click "Browse" to select the installation directory of Cpu-Z. It is not recommended to install it in the C drive. If there are too many files in the C drive, it will affect the running speed of the computer.After selecting, click "Next".

Cpu-Z screenshot

      4. Click "Browse" to select the start menu folder of Cpu-Z, generally keep the default selection, and then click "Next".

Cpu-Z screenshot

      5. After confirming that the installation information is correct, click the "Install" button below to start the installation.

Cpu-Z screenshot

      6. After the installation is completed, it will automatically jump to the installation completion interface, you can check "View cpuz_readme_cn.txt" to view the software related content, and finally click the "Finish" button below.

Cpu-Z screenshot

How to use Cpu-Z

1. Open the installed Cpu-Z, and in the first "Processor" tab, you can see a series of data related to the computer processor, including voltage, speed, etc.

Cpu-Z screenshot

2. After switching to the "Motherboard" tab, you can see the model, chip and other information of the motherboard used.

Cpu-Z screenshot

3. In the "Memory" tab, you can see the type, size, frequency and other information of the memory.

Cpu-Z screenshot

4. In the "Graphics Card" tab, the brand, model and existing information of the graphics card will be displayed.

Cpu-Z screenshot


How does cpu-z perform processor performance testing?

1. Open Cpu-Z, switch to the "Test Score" tab, and then click the "Test Processor Score" button below to start the test.

Cpu-Z screenshot

      2. After waiting for a while, the test results can be obtained at the top.

Cpu-Z screenshot

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