30+ Things You Need to Do After Buying an Apple Watch

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Apple WatchIt has many functions and is loved by everyone.After you make your first purchase, you can complete some setup and get a general idea of ​​the various features that will help you get the most out of your new wearable and ensure you have a great experience.when you will Apple Watch Once paired with your iPhone, all of the tips below apply to all modern models, including Apple Watch SE, Series 8 and 6 running watchOS 7 or other latest watchOS versions.Some of the tips are based on our own experience with the Apple Watch.If you find these suggestions don't work for you, you can always skip them.

1. Install only useful apps

When people get a new watch, they tend to install multiple apps on it.But in most cases, you probably don't use some apps very often.Therefore, you should keep only the apps you need.This maliciously reduces watch storage space, saves battery, and ensures cleanliness.

You can get the app using the App Store on your Apple Watch, or go to iPhone Watch apps > My Watch and scroll to the bottom.Here, tap Install next to the app you want to install on your Apple Watch.

2. Turn off automatic application installation

To prevent this from happening with automatic app installs, go to My Watch > General > iPhone Watch app and turn off Automatic App Install.If you want an app, you can install it manually by following the steps above.

3. Manage Apple Watch app notifications

If all the apps are sending you notifications, you may have to look at your Apple Watch from time to time.Once this happens, your focus will be reduced whether you are working or studying.All, you should only keep notifications for apps you follow.

To set up Apple Watch notifications, go to the iPhone Watch app > My Watch > Notifications.There are two main parts here.The one at the top installs built-in Apple apps like Events, Messages, Calendar, and more.Another third-party app installed on the iPhone at the bottom can mirror the alarm to the Apple Watch.

Here's how to turn off app notifications on Apple Watch:

For the first group of Apple apps, tap their name > Notifications.If you don't see this, tap Customize > Turn off notifications.

For the second set of third-party apps, turn off the toggle to prevent the iPhone from mirroring notifications to the Apple Watch.

4. Add multiple watch faces and use your favorite watch face

Although the default watch face is nice.But to spice things up, you might want to use a different watch face, customize it with complications, use the pictures you want, and more.It’s important to note that to ensure longer use time per charge, make sure to reduce the complexity of frequent refreshes or multiple visits to your location.

5. Disable Background App Refresh

To extend Apple Watch battery life, turn off Background App Refresh by going to Monitoring Settings > General > Background App Refresh.You can also do the same from the Watch app on your iPhone.

6. Set to unlock iPhone when wearing a mask

When wearing a mask, the Apple Watch on your wrist automatically unlocks your iPhone.This ensures that you no longer see failed Face ID messages that require you to try again or enter your passcode manually.

To enable this feature, go to iPhone Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Unlock with Apple Watch.

7. Use Apple Watch Settings to Unlock Your Mac

Your Apple Watch can automatically unlock your Mac when you're near it.This eliminates the need to manually type your Mac's password or use Touch ID.Go to your Mac's System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Unlock apps and Mac with Apple Watch.

8. Set your activity goals and fitness content

When you set up your Apple Watch, you're asked to set a daily movement goal and more.You can change them later from the bottom of the Activity app.For more tips on fitness with Apple Watch, visit the Activity History section.

9. Compete with friends

You and your friends can motivate each other, take part in fitness challenges, stay ahead and accomplish your goals.

10. Grid View or List View

If you have trouble finding apps in the app bubble (grid view), you can change to List View by going to Settings > App View > List View.Alternatively, just press the apply bubble and select List View.

The image on the left shows the grid view (application bubble).The image on the right shows the list view.

11. Get to know your Apple Watch Dock

Your Apple Watch has a Dock that shows your favorite apps or apps you've used recently.Go to Watch > Dock's Settings and select Favorites or Recents.You can learn more about the Apple Watch Dock here.

12. Easily monitor surrounding noise

Your Apple Watch can listen to the sounds around you.To see the features, open the Noise app.You can also add it as a complication to supported watch faces and see noise levels on your wrist at any time.

13. Learn Apple Watch battery-saving tips

Despite its small battery, the Apple Watch is a feature-packed device.If you enable everything, its battery life is noticeably shorter.So, in order to maximize utilization, you should know some handy power-saving tips.

14. Set up fall detection

If you fall and don't get up or move for a minute, Apple Watch can automatically call emergency services and emergency contacts to notify you of the fall, which is especially important for older adults.This is a potentially life-saving feature.

15. Sync Your Music and Podcasts to Apple Watch

Syncing music and podcasts to your Apple Watch can be more convenient than using it directly on your iPhone, especially if you're running or working out.

16. Adjust the appearance and brightness of the monitor

To change Apple Watch brightness, go to Settings > Display & Brightness.Here you can set the brightness, change the text size, use bold text, and more.

17. Switch to other straps

Apple regularly releases new watch bands.Plus, there are tons of third-party watch straps on Amazon and other marketplaces.If you are interested in these, you can go and have a look.

18. Additional Apple Watch tips for new users

Update to the latest watchOS

To keep your Apple Watch running smoothly, the latest version of watchOS must be installed.To update your Apple Watch, go to the iPhone Watch app > My Watch > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

Enable Do Not Disturb

If you don't feel like being disturbed by your Apple Watch while you sleep, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode.Swipe up from the front of the watch to open Control Center.Now, tap the moon icon > Do Not Disturb to turn off notifications.

Talk to Siri

There are multiple ways to call the voice assistant on the Apple Watch.Use whatever tool you like and let it do what you want.

Develop good handwashing habits

Apple Watch can automatically start a 20-second timer to help you wash your hands properly.To enable or disable this feature, go to Watch Settings > Wash Your Hands.

call emergency services

I hope you never have to use it.However, you still have to set up and know how to use emergency SOS on your Apple Watch.


Play sound on iPhone with Apple Watch

If you can't find your iPhone, open watchOS Control Center and tap the iPhone icon.This will trigger the sound on the iPhone.

Set up Apple Pay

You probably use Apple Pay to pay with your iPhone often, but paying with your Apple Watch is just as effortless, and you can do it with a simple setup.

Use Apple Watch as an iPhone camera viewfinder

The Apple Watch doesn't have a camera, but it does have a camera app, which is essentially a remote that activates your iPhone's camera and helps you control it.You can see a live view (photo or video) of your iPhone's camera on your Apple Watch and take the perfect photo.

track your cycle

Apple Watch running watchOS 6 and later makes it easy to track your period.

Calculate your tip now

The Calculator app on the Apple Watch has a super handy Hint button that instantly calculates hints.

Record and play voice memos

Your Apple Watch has a tiny speaker.It can't play songs (songs can only be played via Bluetooth earbuds), however, you can play recorded voice notes through this little speaker.To do this, use the Voice Memos app on your watch to record and listen.Voice notes made on the Apple Watch sync to the iPhone Voice Memos app.



Use a compass

During cycling or hiking, you can use the Compass app on your wrist to track directions.

How to use your Apple Watch in the shower or swimming

You can wear your Apple Watch while you shower or swim.But some simple settings must be done, please open the "Control Center" and click the water drop icon.This will enable the water lock.Now, your Apple Watch display will not register any touch input.When you're done showering or swimming, turn the Digital Crown to drain the water from the Apple Watch's speaker hole and close the water lock.

The above are some of the Apple Watch features, you can choose what you need and try them out, which should bring you more different experiences.






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