How to Add a Flashlight Shortcut to the iPhone Home Screen

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iPhoneflashlightThe open method is not difficult, and the vast majority of users will use it.However, if you frequently need to visitflashlight, and find it difficult to open the control center for any reason, we can offer you a workable solution - add the flashlight icon to iPhone Or iPad Home screen or Dock.This makes it easier for you to turn the flashlight on and off.Of course, you can also download flashlights from third-party applications, but it should be more troublesome to operate than opening them directly on the phone, and third-party applications generally contain advertisements.

How to Enable iPhone Flashlight from Home Screen

First, we'll create a flashlight that turns the flashlight on and offShortcut.Then we'll add it to the iPhone home screen for easy access.Apple's Shortcuts app is supported on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 and later.On iOS 13 and above, it comes preinstalled.

1. OpenShortcutApps and tap the plus icon.

2. In the search box at the bottom, type Set Flashlight and click the result under Scripting.

3. Click on the word Turn and select Toggle.

4. Optional: Tap the small arrow to change the brightness level.If you swipe all the way to the right, that's max brightness.

5. Give this shortcut any name you like.

6. Next, tap the Settings button in the upper right corner.

7. Tap Add to Home Screen.

8. Optional: Tap the small icon and choose any image you like.

9. Click Add to complete all settings.

10. At this point, you should see a flashlight shortcut on your iPhone home screen, tap to enable the flashlight.

Make the home screen flashlight button bigger!

Finally, if the app-sized flashlight shortcut icon isn't for you, you can also fit a giant flashlight button on your iPhone's home screen.It's important to note that this feature is only available on iOS 14 and above:

Start by pressing any empty space on your home screen > the plus icon > scroll down and tap "Shortcuts" > tap "Add Widget" below the single flashlight shortcut widget.

From now on, you can click on this large widget to enable or disable the flashlight.You can move this widget to any home screen you want.

The flashlight function is actually very important in our daily life. When you put it on the home screen, it can provide you with a lot of convenience, because as far as I am concerned, every time I turn on the flashlight in the original position on the iPhone, Have to click a lot.


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