How to see if someone has blocked you on iPhone

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When we are in trouble, we may thinkshieldsomeone's number.Similarly, when our relatives, friends, and colleagues encounter troubles because of you, they may alsoshieldyour number.There is no XNUMX% sure-fire way to know for sure unless you ask the other person if they have blocked you through some other medium.Here are some methods you can use to increase the percentage of certainty that you are blocked:


OniPhoneOn, when you block a person, they will be banned from iMessage, SMS texts, FaceTime, and phone calls.So, if you block someone or someone blocks you, that cuts off these four basic ways of communicating.

To know if someone has blocked you on iMessage, open the Messages app and send them an iMessage.Now, wait a few hours.If you don't see the text "Delivered" below your most recently sent text, it means four things:

1. They blocked you.

2. During the time you send the message, theiriPhoneNo connection to Wi-Fi or cell phone data, although very few do now.

3. Their iPhone is in "Do Not Disturb" mode, so they don't get your notifications (although ideally, even in DND, the sender would see a "delivered" status below the message) .In iOS 15, when a user's iPhone is in DND state, you may even see a banner informing you of their status.This means you are not blocked, but the other person may need some quiet time.

4. Their iMessage is not activated or has some issues.

All in all, after you send an iMessage and it remains unsent for a few hours or days, there's a good chance that person has blocked you.

iMessage doesn't work

While I was testing with my friend's iPhone, I also noticed that if you were blocked by that person, you might not see the iMessage option and the blue text bubble when sending a message after a few messages.It may appear as a green bubble text message or "Non-delivered" below it.I've only tested this with one touch, so that doesn't necessarily tell the story.

Send as SMS

It's also possible that their iPhone isn't connected to the internet if the iMessage doesn't send successfully.So you can press a sent iMessage and choose to send as a text message and see if you get a text message reply.If not, the person most likely blocked you, or definitely ignored you.

Standard call

Let's say you call someone and your call goes to voicemail immediately, or you hear your carrier respond that the number is busy, unavailable, etc.In this case it is quite possible:

1. You are blocked by that person.When someone blocks you, calling them will take you to voicemail.You can send a voicemail and it will be listed in a section called "Blocked" at the bottom of its voicemail screen.They can listen if they want.But most people ignore voicemails in the Blocked tab.

2. They are located where there is no cellular coverage.In this case, you may hear responses such as out of coverage area, unavailable, unreachable, etc.

3. The person has muted the unknown caller.So they don't get your call.


When you call someone on WhatsApp and the phone rings, you will see the word "Ringing" which proves that you are not blocked.But on FaceTime, whether you're blocked or not, when you call, it has the same no-message ringtone, with no "calling," "ringing," etc. statuses on the screen.

If you call someone via FaceTime and they say "FaceTime not available" repeatedly, this means:

1. The person ignores your call.

2. Their FaceTime is not set up.

3. Their iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

4. You are calling their old number that is not on FaceTime.Try calling their new number or their Apple ID email (if you have one).

5. They blocked you on their iPhone.So you can't FaceTime, iMessage, SMS, or call the person.


Using the search box on Facebook, type the name they use on Facebook.If this person doesn't appear in the search suggestions in the search results, they may have blocked you.

Another way is to search for the person on Facebook Messenger.Most likely, it won't show up in search results.If you go to a previous conversation with them, it will say that person is not there or that you can no longer message them.In this case you can rest assured that you are blocked by them (or they have deactivated/deleted their FB account)

You can also go to your Facebook friends list and enter the person's name.If this person used to be a friend but is no longer on your friends list, they have blocked you or unfriended you.

Finally, if you have someone's username, type their username after and visit their profile when logged into your profile, this will show an error page.If you visit the same profile link in a private browser tab, you will be able to see that the profile is still there.This should indicate that you are blocked by someone on Facebook.


Twitter will show you directly if you've been blocked by an account.Just go to their profile using the search box and you'll see if they blocked you.


Use the Instagram search box and enter the person or account's name or username.If you can't find their account in the search results, it's likely that they've blocked them.

If their account is public (rather than private) it may show up in search results.However, when you click on it to go to their profile, it will show "User not found" or "Post not yet published" - 0 posts, 0 followers, 0 followers, even though you used to know the person had a lot of posts and Followers.

Second, log into Instagram on your computer.Now if you know their username, type your username after and if they block you they will say: "Sorry, this page is unavailable. In this case they either deleted Instagram account, changed username, or blocked you.


You can't see the Snapchat stories and Snapchat scores of people who blocked you or unfriended you.Also, if you search for their name in your friends list and they don't appear, they have blocked you, unfriended or deleted their account.

If you've chatted with this person on Snapchat before, try finding their chat history in Recent Messages.If it doesn't appear, they may have blocked you.If it comes up, go to their chat and send them a snap.If it says something like "Failed to send message - tap to try again", they may be blocking you.


If you can't see the person's name, status/story, last seen, about text messages, or anything else, it could be a sign that they've blocked you (sometimes people hide this from strangers or even contacts) but if The messages you send stuck at one tick for a few days, which definitely means the person blocked you on WhatsApp.Likewise, your call will fail.

Also, when you try to add someone to a group, the popup says "You are not allowed to add them to your group", the possibility of failure is that they blocked you.In newer versions of WhatsApp, you can use them to create a group.However, when you go to the group's profile and the person is not under Participants, it means they have blocked you.


When you find yourself blocked on FaceTime, SMS, iMessage, or any social media platform, be rational and accept the blocker's decision and respect it.Until you can't figure out why you were blocked, keep calm and move on.




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