How to stop WhatsApp from saving pictures to the iPhone Photos app

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when you first useWhatsApp, it may ask to access your photos and save all incoming images and videos to youriPhonein the Photos app.This can quickly cause you to run out of storage space, and manual deletion is too time-consuming and cumbersome, we bring you the banWhatsAppBring pictures and videos etc.iPhoneHow to use the Photos app, see below:

Why stop WhatsApp from saving photos and videos to iPhone

1. Mess with the Photos app

WhatsApp will automatically download the media and save it to your iPhone Photos app.These photos are saved in an album called WhatsApp and also appear in the Recent or All Photos section.This clutters things up in local and iCloud Photos.If you're part of multiple groups or have multiple family members, your Photos app can become a mess with all these incoming images.

2. Two copies of the image fill the local space

When you receive an image or video on WhatsApp, a copy is saved in your Photos app.But the same content is actually stored in WhatsApp.This means that the same image takes up twice as much storage space.

This is, you should first open the iPhone Photos app and delete the images saved from WhatsApp.Then, open a WhatsApp chat and tap the person or group's name.From here, click on Media, Links and Documents and you will see your deleted images saved here!

3. Used to hide personal photos

As an encrypted chat app, you may receive sensitive images and videos on WhatsApp.You probably don't want them to show up in the Photos app.

How to stop WhatsApp from saving all photos and videos to the Photos app

1. Open WhatsApp and tap "Settings".

2. Click Chat.

3. Close Save to Camera Roll.

How to block photos and videos from specific chats from being saved in the Photos app

1. Open a personal or group chat in WhatsApp.

2. Click the name of the person or group from the top.

3. Select Never save to camera roll.

How to revoke WhatsApp's access to the iPhone Photos app

Apart from the above two methods, you can also block WhatsApp from accessing the iOS Photos app.After this, the app cannot save any incoming pictures or videos to the iPhone's Photos app.

Since WhatsApp no ​​longer has access to any pictures, you cannot send an image or video to someone from a chat.But you can do this from the Photos app > iOS Share Sheet > WhatsApp.

Here's how to block WhatsApp from accessing your iPhone's Photos app:

1. Open the Settings app and tap Privacy.

2. Tap the photo.

3. From the bottom, tap WhatsApp.

4. Select "None".

How to save an image manually

Even if you prevent WhatsApp from automatically saving images to the Photos app, you can completely manually save the images you want:

1. Open chat within WhatsApp.

2. To save a single image: Click Image > Share icon > Save.

3. To save multiple pictures: Tap the top > Media, Links & Documents > Select > Select Photos > Share Icon > Save [number] of pictures.

If you just want to insert the image into a document, memo, or elsewhere, press the image in WhatsApp, tap Copy, then go to the destination app and paste it there.

With these methods in hand, you can flexibly handle WhatsApp images, whether you want to save or delete it whenever you want.It will be very helpful for you to manage the messy photo application and phone storage space freely.


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